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Monday, July 19, 2010

Will we stand: The People versus the Corporatocracy

Who do you choose?

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America, British Petroleum, Monsanto, the Fast Food Industry Companies, the Soft Drink Beverage Companies...

...Or the American People?

Are we going to stand up for this Republic or allow it to collapse under the weight of the corrupted tyrannical money system that we are living under?

You cannot win the rat race. You are serving the Masters of the Money Game. Look how the economy continues to implode. Look how the cost of living continues to sky rocket. Look at the escalation of the tax structure. It is all closing in on you. We live in a Government devoted to the interests of Corporations... Of, by, and for the corporation.

It will take the power of the people to turn this around and to regain control of our government. The economy will not get better until the corporate genie is put back into its bottle. We have to regain control of the business structure and governmental structure within this country. If we do not, then the country will not get better.

I am awake. I always thought that I would be better off in a country where someone could attain unlimited income. That is all a lie. This country was built upon the greatness of the middle class. We were sold this trickle down bill of goods. Its all been a lie. We cannot build the country upon the richest 1% who are trying to control all of the wealth. We can't even support this country on the richest 10%.

It's simple math folks:

Would you rather sell 9 people a $100,000 house or 1 person a $500,000 house?
9 x $100,000 = $900,000 or 1 x $500,000 = $500,000

Would you rather sell 9 people a Chevrolet Malibu or 1 person a BMW 740i
9 x $20,000 = $180,000 or 1 x $70,000 = $70,000

What builds an economy faster? Yes, there will always be rich and poor people and there should be, but the key to a sound economy is the Middle class and the Middle class is being attacked. The Uber Rich are taking their income offshore. They have overseas bank accounts, they are taking their headquarters overseas, and they are taking their corporate assets overseas. How can we build wealth in America under such a paradigm?

We must take control of this country back. I think the priorities of the people of this era are backwards. Materialism has taken root so deep that people do not realize what is important in life. Security does not come through material possessions. It comes through your inner being and self worth. You determine your security, not money.

I think everyone should think of what it would be like if there were no money. If you had limited access to (or no) money, what would you do? Could you survive? I will tell you that you can, but you better have a plan.

That plan of survival will have to include people. Those bonds with family and community are what we are going to have to get back to. Corporations are not people and the goods they produce and sell are just convenient things. In the end those things will not fulfill you. It is people and relationships that matter. When we are self serving, greedy, and materialistic, then our collective nation will find itself directionless, as it does today; but when the people of this country work together and the bonds that tie us are moral and strong, then our country is mighty and an unstoppable force towards progress. Will we stand together or enslave ourselves to things that aren't tangible and in the end don't really matter?

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