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Monday, August 23, 2010

Exposing the Left-Right Paradigm!

Link to Youtube video on Youth Unemployment - Hitting the Ground Jobless - This video is amazing.

The young lady, Tatiana Shears, says that Obama is an illusion of change and is basically the same as Bush and that Americans need to get passed the Left-Right paradigm. She states that she voted for Obama, because she expected change, but Obama hired an economic team that comes from the last three administrations (Volcker, Geithner, and Summers)and they don't care about the poor and the working class. She states that the power structure at the top of both of the parties is corrupt and they are sold to the bankers and the corporate interests.

Mike Derienzo speaks to the fact that the young people are going to be paying for the programs that Obama is instituting. He says that Obama sold him on Bi-Partisanship. That he would take the best of the left and the best of the right and he would be right in the middle and lead us into a bright future, almost like an FDR or JFK. He says it has all been left and it's just not happening.

In the U.S. unemployment amongst people aged 15-24 is up to 18% from 10% in 2007. And these statistics are from the same underreported statistics that we see sampled from the general populace. The numbers are likely close to double what has been reported.

Global Youth Unemployment Reaches New High - (New York Times - 8/11/2010) - Youth unemployment across the world has climbed to a new high and is likely to climb further this year, a United Nations agency said Thursday, while warning of a “lost generation” as more young people give up the search for work.

Data from Eurostat, the European Union’s statistical agency, show Spain had a jobless rate of 40.5 percent in May for people under 25. That was the highest level among the 27 members of the European Union, far greater than the 9.4 percent in Germany in May and 19.7 percent in Britain in March.

The Hound thinks it is time for people to sober up! I think it was alright to party when times were rolling along, but it is time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. There may be no jobs, but one can invest in oneself through education and knowledge. These young people have been forced to wake up, because their dreams have been shaken to the core.

How did people listen to Obama and not think that he was way out in left field? How could one not look at his past, look at the people surrounding him, look at the way that campaign took place, and not see where we are today. Maybe a little less Drinky-Drinky and Smoky-Smoky would have brought some good reasoning. And McCain or Hillary weren't good alternatives either. But I am sick and tired of braindead people hearing what they want to hear! Accountability will eventually lead to good leadership.

This young lady, Tatiana, is where I found myself in late 2006. That is when I awakened to what was going on. These two young people have business degrees, B-I-N-G-O! America isn't about business anymore! America is not Business friendly! America is Government friendly! As in, the Bureaucracy!

And it doesn't matter whether you are a Republican or a Democrat and it doesn't matter which party is in charge. Government with its bureaucratic structure keeps getting bigger and bigger. Corporations with bureaucratic structures keep getting bigger and bigger and small businesses and sole proprietorships are getting wiped out. Who creates jobs? Small Business. And who ships jobs overseas? Huge Conglomerates. Who spends money out the wazoo? The Government. Who evades taxes through offshore accounts? Huge Conglomerates. Who is getting soaked through governmental fees and taxes? The small business people.

Who owns the government? The Conglomerates. Who is putting the thumbscrews on you? The Government. So therefore, can you not see that these multi-national conglomerates, through their willing surrogates in the government, are responsible for all of this economic mess that we are in and they are destroying our nation.

And if Republicans look at the video above and believe that they are above all of this, then look at Homeland Security and the rights granted in the Constitution that you usurped under the Patriot Act. Look at these endless wars. Look at the Banker bailouts and the offshoring of jobs that you played a major role in.

It is time for everyone to Wake Up to this Left-Right Paradigm. The parties work together in the interest of BIG! Big Government and Big Business! It is time to move back towards the Freedom-Liberty Paradigm!

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