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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tactical Edge - Ten Steps to restoring America

This is from a blog called the Tactical Edge. Maybe this is a little radical, but if the American Public continues to be pushed into a corner, what should you expect? What do you think?

My ten steps to save America - Tactical Edge - (August 27, 2010)

1. Every incumbent out on their (rear) in 2010. True independents are elected. No cleptocrats or republi-cons.

2. Two year moratorium on any new legislation while every unconstitutional bill, mandate, and executive order gets reviewed and rescinded. 2,000 pages of federal criminal code are burned.

3. The “federal” reserve system gets raided and all twelve banks’ hard assets are liberated.

The United States government cancels its debt to the IMF, Fed, and World Bank.
Federal reserve notes are burned in huge public ceremonies as gold and silver backed currencies are issued.

4. The military budget is slashed by half immediately. The d.o.d. handles nothing but defense. Other nations have to deal with their own problems. 5 year plan to phase out standing armies in favor of state sponsored militias. Navy remains under d.o.d..

5. All free trade agreements/job exportation bills are canceled. Import taxes are immediately raised by 500%. All businesses required to carry at least 80% US made goods. Steep fines for non-compliance (Wal-Mart). No more paying farmers not to grow food or private oil wells not to pump. Monsanto’s patents are immediately revoked. We rebuild our economy on goods and services.

6. Federal government budget is cut by 70%. All nonessential federal government agencies abolished (Homeland Security, FEMA, FDA, IRS, etc.). No more borrowing from private banks and other countries! 10th amendment becomes king! States handle their own business without selling their rights for federal money. Federal budget is made up of 10% contribution from each states’ budget forcing federal government to remain small and conservative.

7. Everyone at the SEC is fired! No more derivatives or mortgage backed securities. Stock market is for selling shares of legitimate businesses…NOTHING ELSE!

8. To kick-start the economy, the worlds largest construction project begins on the SOUTHERN BORDER WALL. 2,000 miles long, 25 feet high, 12 feet deep, 10 feet thick, topped with razor wire, and posted with “Keep Out” signs every 20 feet IN ENGLISH! ALL illegal immigrants are deported! Visa program rolled back to the way it was 75 years ago.

9. No more buying foreign oil. We use what we have (which is a whole lot in spite of what you’ve been told) while building wind turbines for electricity. Fleet vehicles are converted to run on natural gas. Alternative technologies encouraged without being crushed by oil companies. (hydrogen electrolysis, permanent magnet motors, steam, wood-gas, etc.)

10. Sit back and start enjoying our new found prosperity in under five years.

It all starts with step one. What other alternatives do we have? 20 years of civil war just to be reigned in by a monolithic government?

The Hound: I know this is radical, but the American people are being pushed into a corner. Feel free to comment on this. This is not my creation, but I honestly can't say that I disagree with much of it.

Are we really going to sit back and watch the demise of this country at the hands of the politicians and their corporate interests? The Founders intended for ordinary American people to take on the responsibility of leadership, not an inherited class of nobility. We were not meant to be subservient to a governmental class that has created a class system where, as George Orwell stated in Animal Farm, some animals are more equal than others.

We are all supposed to have equal opportunity and the government is supposed to serve the interests of all Americans. Let's work to get that ideal back!


harryhipps said...

Absolute impractical and dangerous. First, we need to have a steady defense budget that doesn't spend a lot during Rep admins and little during Dem admins. We waste money by not having a set percentage of gdp allocated for dod and doing longer plans. The world is dangerous and will never be peaceful.
We can't immediately cut 70% of the budget because retirees and disabled would be immediately poor. You can't throw people out to the wolves. A transition from the current system to a private system with some safety net for the small percentage of truly needy is possible but needs years to implement. Current retirees and those getting ready to retire should have the old system and the younger should transition to a "mandatory ira" in some form.
Voting out incumbents is ok, but we need some level of experience or the bureaucracy will be the governors with little checks on their shenanigans.
Trade wars and tariffs are a lousy idea. We have trade problems that need to be ironed out but destroying the int'l economy isn't the way to go.
This posting sounds good to assuage frustrations but isn't a serious plan to take the free market, limited federal gov't principles of the US and create the great republic of the future we can be.

James Thomas Shell said...

I know it is radical, but Harry you sound like you are endorsing the status quo.

Foreign "Free" Trade has just meant a means to export slavery. We ridded ourselves of slavery nearly 150 years ago only to allow it to come back via multi-national corporations who have off shored it.

I was all for the origins of the war under its original pretext, but I do not support endless '1984' style wars that have no solidly defined agenda, no end game, and flexible evolving parameters. We are destroying our country through this Empirical grid that is not only trying to control the rest of the world, but the American people as well.

We have to get back to the principles of Freedom, Liberty, Equal Opportunity, and self reliance. I don't think anyone is suggesting that people be thrown to the wolves. They are saying that more power needs to go back to local government where it will be more accountable.

You say that you can't throw the incumbents out because then the bureaucrats will rule the day. Well if you cut the size of the federal government by a substantial amount, then there will be fewer of them to continue what they are obviously already doing today. The Bureaucrats are already running the country, can you not see that?

I don't know that we can go at it as aggressively as this man wants, but I certainly can't go with the status quo and tweaking around the edges that like you are espousing in your post.

We are in an economic depression. If one gets passed the propaganda of our Pravda-like mainstream media and looks at the actual numbers they will realize this.

Look at the housing starts, look at sales of existing homes, look at the fact that we have offshored more than 10 million jobs over the last decade, look at the price of Gold, look at the present value analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average under (which has lost 26% of its value under the conservative CPI numbers), look at the fact that the Powers that Be won't let the Federal Reserve be audited, Look at the fact that they also won't let the Federal Gold Reserves at Fort Knox be audited, Look at real inflation (not the hokey-pokey numbers) -- Shadow Stats, Look at real unemployment versus what has been reported. The status quo is equal to the captain of the Titanic telling everyone that everything is fine after they hit the Iceberg.

Yes, it was Obama in one of his debates against McCain that stated that he want to take a scapula to the Federal budget, not a chainsaw. We will either Chainsaw the Federal budget or prepare for a Texas Chainsaw massacre style life!

So it's time to choose Harry. It's time to choose!

harryhipps said...

No, the status quo is horrible. But you can't just go off willy nilly and "throw the bums out" without a thoughtful plan, thoroughly vetted, to replace it with. For example, if we just stopped Social Security and Medicaid today, with no replacement plan, people would suffer immediately and a large majority would insist on it being reinstated. Not only would you have a bad system, but people would be more adverse to trying any new reform.
Incumbents per se aren't the problem. The problem is that the gov't is too intrusive and is acting way beyond their role. In addition, the incentives are rigged to keep incumbents in place in a corrupt, bought and paid for system. Take a good individual and put them into that system and more times than not you are going to get another corrupt, bought and paid for politician. Also, much of the problem is not political it is judicial. Many of the most odious laws were imposed by the judiciary.
Foreign trade is not a problem. The problems are: terms of our trading relationships, the US tax rate on corporations, the US regulatory environment and the public's fixation on price above any other consideration. I believe that free people, if not encumbered, will be the greatest producers and the best stewards of resources and not the slave economies.
At the end of the day, it boils down to this. We moved from our original republic with faith in God, free market capitalism, and limited federal government to the "New Deal" system with the nanny government taking an ever larger role and pushing personal responsibility aside. Until we can change the consensus on the big picture, "gimmick" plans like this guy's are dumb and dangerous.