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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Citizens Of Ridgeview address the City Council about the City Pools Issue

I will do a full report on the City Council meeting held tonight, tomorrow. The most pertinent issue involving the meeting was the addresses to Council (Citizens Requested to be heard) made by Jim Davis and Larry Pope involving their findings relating to the Ridgeview Pool issue. The recording is available below.

The recording is excellent after a little modulation had to be done via software. One of the issues that really bothers me is that I look at the money spent in the City of Hickory on superfluous issues and expenses. Thousands of dollars are spent on awnings, landscaping, cleaning up other's private property, etc., yet we can't have a decent audio system in the Council Chambers. Many times what the council members say is inaudible. I wonder sometimes if this is on purpose.

We are almost to the year 2011. These meetings need to be webcammed, recorded, and archived for public view and the sound in the council chambers should be audible. Lenoir and Caldwell County do this and their meetings are shown on public access television. We are living in a technological age when governmental access to the citizenry is solved simply and should always be encouraged. Are the people who run Hickory scared to be seen and heard? Are they shy? Are they trying to hide from the public?

The costs to outfit the chamber with something decent would be a maximum of a few thousand dollars, if people that work for the city install the system. Nothing elaborate needs to be done, but something adequate should be done. This is an issue whose relevance and time has come!

There are many questions that need to be answered pertaining these pools. The Baker act that has been cited many times. I had no idea from listening to the people from the city that it has been modified. Are the city people who have been providing information out of touch or are they slanting the view to meet their agenda?

We still don't know where the original reported $800,000 number came from. It is easy to understand Mr. Pope, Mr. Davis, and the people of the south side of Hickory. The well has been poisoned because of their dealings with the city in the past. A little good will certainly goes a long way, but when people are playing politics all the time, then that can be very hard to come by.

I think Alan Jackson is very reliable and honorable. For Alan this would be a job, but I can also understand Mr. Pope's concerns on the issue of the phone polls. I know the mentality of the people in this area and especially with the current economic status (or lack there of) of this area. I think such a poll is wrong and certainly points to a lack of sensitivity on the City's behalf. As a matter of fact, in my opinion, the charettes will simply be charades.

We know the city has made up its mind, they always have their mind made up before processes begin, and frankly the only way to change that mindset is to change the input into the processes and agendas that control this city. Did I put that politically correct enough to not get attacked for my opinion? I think y'all know what I am saying.

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harryhipps said...

I find it troubling that the maintenance records were sloppily done and not signed. It also bothers me that the City Manager has not provided an itemized estimate for the repairs, and the figure seems to change over time. It makes me wonder about both the integrity and the accuracy of the records that the Manager is responsible for. How accurate and complete are the records? Or is this some kind of stonewalling?