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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Mesh - Local Alternative Internet Media - Please Support

I want to help local entrepreneur Alan Jackson (The President of the Jackson Group) push his multimedia network called The Mesh. This is a cutting edge form of media that includes both Audio and video presentations of different varieties under ITunes and Youtube formats.

As I talked with Alan tonight at our Future Economy Council meeting at the Conover Tavern, I asked Alan some specific questions during the informal part of our gathering and then Alan was asked to present this topic to the group. Alan's desire is for this network to bring recognition to the area and display the technological capacity that Hickory has to offer.

I left the Conover tavern and arrived home a little after 9pm and sitting here figuring out what I wanted to discuss, I have thought about how Alan has shown a desire to improve the area and he has taken steps toward doing just that. We need to support Alan's effort here. What can you do? You can give Alan's media network a chance. How hard is that? All you have to do is Download and listen.

This network currently offers many different programs and of course over time that is expected to grow. I have also had the good fortune of getting to know Houston Harris the owner of Pixelspace and Interopsis over the last few years and I have grown to respect his business formula. Houston has spoken in the past about his idea of Free Range Chicken Thinking. On The Mesh, there is a show that is dedicated to the discussion of the "Free Range Chicken" philosophy. by Houston and members of his staff in which they discuss the intricacies of this philosophy, which I previously written about on this blog in an article entitled "The Future Economy Council, Houston Harris, The Granary."
Houston talked about "Free Range Chicken thinking." He says he wants to be the oldest rooster in the yard. Their life is different from a coup raised chicken, they want to survive. They are lean, they have to move fast, they've got to find some food, they've got to run from that ax, eventually they will get caught, but the free range chicken has an attitude about survival. They adapt and try new things. Thinking is about finding those things and keeping your brain in this mode of what's new -- I can't be afraid of this.
Youtube presentation of Free Range Chicken Thinking

Free Range Chicken Thinking
- (Click link to open and listen or Right Click and Save to listen now or later)

The Hound - If we want to move this community forward, then we are going to have to support these efforts and help spread the word. Alan is attempting to create a marketplace of cultural expression and openness and it is our responsibility to participate, promote, and spread the word of this effort.

I am permanently linking to the Mesh in the "Interesting Blog Partners" link at the right of this page. It will be there in the future for all to see and over time I will personally enjoy collaboration, participation, and growth in this new media paradigm.

The Mesh Facebook Page - Go there. Like, Comment, and Leave Feedback about what Alan's Group is doing. I know Alan and listens and attentive to the needs of his customer base. What do you think of the content and what would you like see develop in the future

The Mesh Website - - The MESH is a new media online network, designed to produce and deliver unique content to computers, mobile phones, iPods, iPads, and any other device connected to the Internet.  Just like a traditional television network, The MESH has a series of programs and "shows" on a variety of topics... the difference is you can watch or listen to what you want, when you want, and where you want.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good to see positive and inclusive work towards a community dialogue rather than your negitive rantings. Will tune in MESH and tune out Hound.