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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

National Debt Limit - Same Ole, Same Ole.

As I stated in my comments related to other comments related to the Economic Stories of Relevance on July 24, 2011:
What we are seeing is the "Greed is Good" paradigm played out where parasitic people in positions of power feed off of anyone they can without thinking about the consequences of sustainability for their host and thus themselves.
We have seen as much of this on the local level as we have seen it on the national or global stage.
That is why the immigrants have been brought into our nation. It lowers the amount of wage that "businessmen" have to pay to the workforce. That is the reason why we have offshored our manufacturing industry, because it too lowers the labor costs devoted to the workforce.
But what these idiots don't understand is that eventually this race to the bottom will destroy the host that they are feeding off of. In the end everything that is of this Earth is on this Earth. We have to create the abundance within a reasonable capacity of production. When we devote the abundance to the hands of just a few, which is actually about 1/10th of a percent, then we create a destructive, not a productive force. Just think, that is 300,000 people in the U.S., smaller than our Hickory Metro Area. We are devoting ourselves to what would equate to about 40 people in the City of Hickory. 40 people feeding off of 39,970, does that seem right?
We have lost the balance necessary to keep the machine of a productive and progressing mankind well oiled. You want to talk about a country that has lost it's moral bearings; there you have it.
I believe in capitalism, but what we see today is not capitalism. Profit is great, because it creates incentive. Raping people economically creates a disincentive. It is Hedo-Economics. The idiots at the top are destroying the marketplace. They sit at the top of the pyramid, but they are destroying the foundation below. I know so many people who are clueless and so many who were clueless and didn't realize how vulnerable they were and today they are scrambling. If it is going to be this way, then why should we even care? Why should we support the elite and their system of destruction?
Going back to January 2009, I spoke in two articles entitled C-O-N-S-E-Q-U-E-N-C-E-S and Hedo-Economics. In those articles I point to the rules of the Self-Annointed Elite who are never held accountable for their actions and never called out when they are wrong in their decision making process and/or serve their own special interests at the expense of the regular folks who are attempting to survive these times. Those two sets of rules are what have brought this nation to the brink that we stand upon today.

(From CONSEQUENCES - January 29, 2009) - Many economists are saying that our banks are insolvent, while politicians keep denying there is a systemic problem. They keep throwing more and more money towards these institutions without stopping to reassess the situation or demand accountability. Tell me what does empirical evidence make you think?
Capitalism has unjustly been put on trial. The problem is not Capitalism, it is Hedo-Economics. The people who have a Fiduciary responsibility to act in others best interest have not done so. We have seen political and business leaders act only towards their own material self-interests. This greed and subsequent poor judgment has led to the Recessionary consequences that we are enduring today. Yet, the perpetrators of misdeed are still in charge. Does that make sense?
We must learn from history. We are not going to solve the problems of our broken economy unless we demand positive values from our leaders! There must be transparency in the actions of people in power. When people break the law, no matter who they are, they must be held accountable. If they aren't, then we will continue to suffer. The laws of Common Sense are always in play and so are Consequences.
Is this not where we have traveled over the last 2 1/2 years. Think of all of the Bailouts. When Barack Obama came to office our National Debt sat at $10.6 trillion and has risen to $14.2 trillion in the subsequent 2 1/2 years. The seeds of this economic debauchery have been sown by both parties and the American people have been given no alternatives or choices when it comes to the leadership of our nation, because both parties are owned by the corporations that fostered these realities.

The average folks are blamed and it is programs that benefit the working class that are being targeted, while once again the wealthy have their interests toted by the politicos whom they own. I don't think the American people would mind sacrifice, if they thought it was going to be across the board, but the reality is that the government is doing nothing to put us back on a path toward Economic Development and Job Creation. All they are doing is buying time and making the economic issues we face much, much worse.

The problems that we face are these very expensive military excursions that we are involved in and the Free-For-All trade policies that are continually pushed by both parties. Another issue is Illegal Immigration, but if we had Economic Development it would not be the issue that it is today, but still it is a matter of principle and the Elite in our nation have shown that they have none.
(From Hedo-Economics - January 6, 2009) - Capitalism does not espouse any philosophies of lawlessness or anti-social behavior. To the contrary, for a marketplace to be created one needs to have a social network set up with rules and regulations. There have to be guidelines (laws) in order for the marketplace to function properly. Those guidelines have to be administered by a non-partisan body which represents all of the people who have an interest in the marketplace.
That is where the government has evolved. The government is supposed to be a non-partisan entity that allows the social network to function. The people (the social network, marketplace, citizens) are the individuals that should determine the laws. The government's job is to regulate and enforce the will of the people. As governments overstep their role, the marketplace gradually becomes more and more inefficient. Authoritarian governments do not have true marketplaces, but they do end up having black markets.
The Hound Knows that somewhere along the way our system has been derailed. Our system was never and will never be perfect, not because it was created or instituted by man, but rather because it is administered by man. We must not give up on our traditional social system just because it isn't perfect, the alternatives are much worse.

Instead we must castigate and shun the purveyors of Hedo-Economics. Greed is not good!!! Because their is no virtue in greed. It also isn't virtuous to punish everyone, because of what a few people have done to sabotage our way of life. We know the instigators and they must be held accountable. Under any system, if you arbitrarily allow anti-social behavior amongst a given class, then you will surely see that society devolve into chaos.
And that is what we see today. I heard Senator Lindsay Graham state that we need a Balanced Budget Amendment, but how would that solve a problem when the Constitution is constantly usurped today. The Gamers would find a way to get around that system just as they have done through the Patriot Act, The Transportation Security Administration, the Process of Obamacare, the limits to Free Speech, the overstepping of the Commerce Clause, and the constant battles versus those who want to confiscate guns.

This raising of the debt limit is all for political gamesmanship. In the end they will raise it at the 12th hour. How do I know this? Because that is what they always do. Will this save the country? No Way. We are going down, because we are in the midst of the perfect storm. Average Folks are clueless about all of this and really don't care except for the entertainment aspect related to the news. The Politicos are only out to further line their pockets. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. It is the final result that counts and that will be the same ole, same ole.

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