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Saturday, August 6, 2011

And from the Ashes - Further signs of Economic Depression

And from the wreckage I will arise
And Cast the ashes back in their eyes
See the fire, I will defend
Just keep on burning right to the end

Will you defend the glory of good against the Evil of the Hounds of Hell? More evidence points every day to a world awry. Our nation being led astray by Powers That Should Not Be. Are you serious that we should follow these Bastions of Self Serving Greed into the Depths of Armageddon?

Do you understand Armageddon rules? There are none. What this leads to is a world where only the people who sell their soul to the depths of depravity will be left standing. I am not here preaching this as a judgment. I am here preaching this as a mode of survival.

Over the last few months we have seen the pace quicken as the American economy continues its implosion. I am not going to use this composition as a means to say I told you so. What I am going to point to is the dire straights that we are in as a nation in relation to the offshoring of our economy, the continued drunken sailor spending of our government, and the general ineptitude of people when it comes to economics.

A girl I work with was saying that at least Obama could give us another $500 check for stimulus. I explained to her that the only thing that would do is further stimulate the economies that we have offshored our economy to and that will further erode our purchasing power through inflation. The Chinese and the Russians don't even want us to do this, because it strengthens their own currencies and a weakened dollar means that currencies with economies that create value through manufacturing are going to see goods in their own countries skyrocket also. The value of your currency has a direct correlation with your country's economic output. If you produce nothing, then you have nothing. Our nation has a smoke and mirrors economy. That is the reason Standard and Poor's finally took a miniscule step towards what most of the people paying attention knew three years ago.

The bottom line is this current economic paradigm called Free Trade, which is actually "Free For All" trade is not working. The American people and people around the world are getting ripped off. The Debt Ceiling was raised and the monies associated with that permitted borrowing appear to be being used to manipulate the commodities and stock market. That is not and should never be the role of governmental and quasi-governmental agencies. What this shows is the full exercise of the current Ponzi economic system that we have been brought under. In the end, this will end with an economic catastrophe the likes of which no one has experienced in our lifetimes. This will be worse than the Great Depression.

The only way out of this is to hold those who have perpetrated this fraud accountable and claw back the money that has been stolen from the American people. Then it is time to start rebuilding our industrial base towards a system that builds infrastructure, instead of destroying it. It is time to bring our troops home and it is time to bring this Security Apparatus under control, because none of this mess is what America was founded on or built upon. You want to rebuild the American Economy, then you have to unleash the positive spirit of the American people and you have to afford them the opportunity to succeed. We can foster this success, but we are currently heading in the opposite direction. The direction of Tyranny. Get off of your knees people. Stand Up!!!

I wrap this up as a tribute to My Grandmother, my mentor, who always kept me from joinnig the forces of darkness and being selfish. She is the person who always stood up for me and by my side and she also told me when I was wrong. I know I got on her nerves some times and she did with me, but we always had one another's back. She passed away about an hour ago. She paid attention to what was going on in the world and she said it was going to hell in a handbasket. I finish writing this, letting you know that being blind and ambivalent certainly aren't admirable qualities. My grandmother agreed with what I say on this blog and I am much better for having had her as the greatest influence in my life. I will miss her greatly, but I know she will always be part of my thoughts everyday the rest of my life.

RIP Mammaw - I feel your spirit with me here as I write this. 
Martha Moore Campbell Shell - July 30, 1914 to August 6, 2011


Silence DoGood said...

In this time of sorrow, may God embrace you and give you comfort as the world continues to turn. May Peace and Solace be yours and finding comfort that your Grandmother is no longer in pain and is warm in the light that is the eternal God. May God Bless you always.

James Thomas Shell said...

Thank You DoGood!

jinglefield said...

Sorry to hear of your great loss. Thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of the citizens of Hickory through the work of your blog. We are glad to know of your Grandmother's inspiration to your life and work. Sincerely,
Jody and Rebecca Inglefield

James Thomas Shell said...

Thank You Dr. Inglefield for all that you do for the community.