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Friday, September 2, 2011

I apologize

I want to apologize for not being able to do more than I do. I am sorry that I am not more effective in discussions with the public. It is truly unsatisfying that I can't get through to people, whether because people don't accept the message, because it is too complex or I don't go into enough detail. Why am I doing this at all? It isn't acceptable and it really doesn't even matter.

I am sorry that I have pointed to areas of disagreement that I have with various members of the government. They are smarter than me or they would not hold the positions they do. Who am I to provide an opinion. I understand that they have feelings and that some of what I have said has harmed their ego or self-esteem. It hasn't been my goal to hurt people's feelings. It isn't my goal to harm them. My goal has been to show where I feel that the government is not representing the best interests of the people, but who am I to question motives? We should trust that these people have all of the answers and we really have no right to question them, because we are the ones who empower them and give them their authority. We should know that they are going to look out for our best interests.

I am sorry that there are many of us in this community who are made to feel that we are less worthy than others and don't deserve to expect better or aspire to climb the ladder towards a better way of life. Who are we to desire a better standard of living, just because we work hard; after all we are supposed to be here for the people who have established themselves as the best individuals who come from the best families. The members of these families can't help they came from wealth and their grandparents and great grandparents and so on provided for them. It is just natural that they are better than we common folk. They are the Better People. They are Special. We commoners should just learn to understand our role in life and move on to and accept how life is and is supposed to be. We are not here to question. We are here to provide our obligation.

I apologize for not accepting my role. I am saddened that I have not been worthy enough to be able to establish myself in such a wonderful community where everyone looks out for one another and has everyone's best interests at heart. If I get in trouble with the law it should be looked at differently than if a member of the Better People runs afoul of the law. They deserve that margin of error, because one of their parents or grandparents afforded them that luxury. It's alright if one of them robs somebody or drinks and drives or snorts cocaine, because they can afford it. We commoners should know better, because we have no business doing things such as that. Why? Because that's just the way it is.

I truly appreciate what my family has done for me and the principles and values that they provided as my foundation. I regret that I have not been able to do them proud and rise higher than I have on the ladder of success.

In the end, I know it has to all be my fault, because I constantly have heard such thoughts expressed in the community. I guess I'm just lazy and really not all that smart. Although I have always kept in good financial stead, I am sure that those who haven't have willfully chosen to not meet their financial obligations. I am sure there are plenty of good reasons to explain why so many people can't find jobs in this community and are having difficulty making ends meet. It has to be their fault.

The numbers don't lie. Those numbers reflect how lazy a lot of people are in this community. If people are struggling, then they need to learn to do with less, that is the lesson that I have been learning over the last several years. Who needs a house, a car, a significant other? I mean, in the end, why do you even need electricity or food or water? Everything in life is a luxury meant only for those who deserve it. Why do any of we commoners desire to have goals or pleasures in life? We are here to work and provide for those who are better than us. That is our role. We are here to be the worker bees.

We should be happy, because some of us still have jobs. We should be thankful that it is taking so long for the robotics to be developed that will do our work and not grouse or expect anything in return. At that point in time there will be no use for us at all. All we are is vermin, who are sucking up oxygen and stealing from the Better People by utilizing their resources and they are forced to endure us. Be glad, for time is running out for people like us. Get on you knees and beg for forgiveness, because we are not worthy. Praise be to the Better People.


Silence DoGood said...

Sounds like some indignant gutter snipe availed you to, "know your place." It also sounds like you're stepping on some toes; excellent job!!

James Thomas Shell said...

DoGood, We all need to know our place. People should rightfully think positively, because doing so will make all of the "problems" go away. We don't really have any problems, we face challenges and we poor and average people shouldn't worry anyway, because those that are "Gifted" know what they are doing.

Those of us that have jobs need to find happiness in those jobs and if we need to sacrifice more so that others can have more, then that is what we need to do. Why? because that's just the way it is. That is why we are here.

Those that don't have a job need to find something to do. Maybe they can do some volunteer work. They might need money for their (and their family's) sustenance, but you know that will all work out in the end. They just need to keep quiet and let the people in charge go about their business, because they know what they are doing. After all they are "Gifted. "We just aren't smart enough to understand how things are like the Better People." They innately understand how things ought to be.

It all comes down to the gene pool. Some of us have the right stuff and some of us don't. The laws of nature intended it that way. We just need to accept that we weren't chosen to be "Special/Gifted" and we need to move on and put our noses to the grindstone whenever possible to provide for those who are better than us, because they know what is best for us and they are going to take care of us. After all, they are only looking out for everyone's best interests.

It's time that the common folk get on board and get with the program. We are here to fulfill a purpose and obligation to make things better for the Better People and in turn they will take care of us.

Silence DoGood said...

Like leading sheep to the slaughter, if you will allow me one of what will probably be many metaphors to come. That 'trust' as you call it, is what has brought us to where we are to begin with. The absence of any system of checks and balances, the lack of any sort of accountability, and the tenacious clinging to the antebellum culture derived from the feudal class system that dictates one person is better than another simply because of whom their birth parents are is what has brought us to where we are now. And now people are supposed to simply lock step and roll over and accept this is their fate and that’s just the way it goes? I don't think so.

Volunteer work? You mean free labor, or better still, slave labor? How to get something for nothing? And the affluent, in their self righteous benevolence, will provide for those people and prevent them and their families from starving or living out in the weather, because that’s the Christian thing to do? I don’t think Christ was listening or God was paying attention when these contentious excuses for humans were off-shoring jobs and ensuring that their bank accounts were full. Because if there is such a thing as an eye for an eye, then there will be a reckoning for those transgressions. And need I remind those that champion themselves superior by hook or by crook, through virtue of their birth, or by the number of digits in their bank account, that the Messiah had a point of view about material wealth. “It will be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God” Mark 10:25.

You know something else? Their birth rite doesn’t make them superior. Their wealth doesn’t make them lofty and above all others. Their education doesn’t make them abundant with knowledge. It renders them no better than the poorest person living in the woods in a tent. As I’ve said earlier, these people will stop at nothing to ensure they maintain their way of life. If that includes depriving someone else of their livelihood, so be it. Does that make you superior? No, that reveals for the entire world to see, what you truly are. A thief, a charlatan, a cheat, a liar, and someone who truly has little or no regard for anyone or anything, except themselves. And if that describes even one among you who may be reading this, let give you another tidbit to chew on. Every life comes with a death sentence. No matter what legacy you leave on this earth as a testament to your wealth, it is all fleeting. Buildings are torn down or re-named, parks are overgrown. And if you think that will take away the misery you brought to others in order to provide that legacy to yourself, then who is truly the fool among us? “What shall a man gain who shall inherit the entire world, and yet, loose his own immortal soul?”

Maybe religion is the opiate of the masses. It gives hope to those that are hopeless. Perhaps. But we’ll all find out for ourselves, one way or the other, in due time, and as God wills it. For those that have broken their covenant with God and their fellow man, the misery they have brought upon others will be returned to them tenfold.

James Thomas Shell said...

Oh God, another Trouble Maker. You just have to see the light. All you have to do is submit. Can't you see?

They are better than us. It is their divine right to be better than us. Divine Rights come from God. Rock On Gifted People. Rock On!!!

I'm going to work for you now. I hope y'all enjoy your relaxing Saturday night. You are Special so you deserve it!!!

Silence DoGood said...

Yessir. Although I must concede that if it is their divine right, I'm not sure what it is they consider to be divine. I'm thinking Gold, precious stones, and stock certificates are the alters they worship at. Their graven images are the symbols for any denomination of currency used on the planet. Their lifeblood is traded on the commodities market and type and cross matched as light sweet crude.

And the light spoken of is projected from their arses. So it has an absolute methane quality to it, not unlike a decomposing landfill and just as aromatic and illuminating. Alas, I'll never conform to "The Hickory Citizens" re-make of "The Stepford Wives".

Deb said...

I'm just one of those trouble-making poor masses that just doesn't know her place. I need to apologize to Alderwoman Patton. I should understand her spoken often and to many words of innate wisdom, "THEY think THEY are ENTITLED!" I shouldn't be fixated on the unthinkable....that is me believing she means the Ridgeview Community...because then that would make her a racists.........that would then cause division amongst us all if we thought the erroneous thought that there are those on the Council that want to create racial division and angst in order to take off the focusing on conflicts of interest, in padding Gifted pockets, to keep those of us worker bees from seeing the promised land of opportunities and true freedoms, of real equality, of believing in these lofty and inspired words of a forefather.....

"We hold these truths to be self-evident; that ALL men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!"

I hope Alderwoman Patton can forgive my total ignorance of my place in society, of my grasp for equality, of what I think is my right to be able to stand beside her and work for ALL of our good.