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Friday, October 7, 2011

It has begun -- Frustration boils against Financial Tyranny - It is time to Reign in the Financial Terrorists!!!

Are you awake? Are you really awake? Maybe you think you are, but if you get your news (propaganda) from the Corporate media, then you are trusting Wall Street to give you valid information about Wall Street. How many times does this work?

You have people who focused their young adulthood towards achieving education and knowledge. The Corporatist Government created another economic bubble associated with achieving Certificates of Education (degrees) and this has put them in tens of thousands of dollars of debt and the Corporatist Government has destroyed our job base by offshoring our jobs, This has imprisoned those people who took on debt to try and increase their personal human capital. It has placed these people in bondage, because there is no way out of this debt. Because of current bankruptcy laws created by the Corporatist Government, you cannot discharge these loans and yet you can't find a job that helps pay the loan off. The product of Education has been flawed. These students obviously haven't gotten their money's worth and thus they deserve to have these debts discharged in some form or fashion. We cannot allow the Corporate beneficiaries who have once again created a bubble to profit from that bubble. That is a big element in what we are seeing on Wall Street. These students have time to protest, because they have no job.. That is what was happening in Egypt in the Spring. And then we see the Audacity of the Sociopaths on Wall Street drinking champagne while Cops are beating people down below. If that isn't a scene from Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cake," then I don't know what is.

What I am expressing above is not being shown to the public, by the Wall Street Media, is it? We are at the precipice of truly defining historical events. This has happened before and yet so many people fail to grasp the lessons of history. It isn't rocket science folks! What do you expect when a tiny minority is allowed to push the vast majority into a corner. The idiots think they will be able to control the chaos they have fomented. Has that ever worked?

IMF advisor says we face a Worldwide Banking Meltdown

You better wake up my little Liebchens!!!


harryhipps said...

I agree with many of the comments I've seen made by protesters; however, I think a lot of the outrage should be directed toward the politicians and not all the Street (though they don't deserve a pass on this either).
The government regulators have to say no to the favorable treatments that any business, that is large enough to afford lobbyists, will certainly ask for.
Government policy that wanted to give loans to be "fair" to people who couldn't afford homes is a large part of the mess. Government involvement in education contributes to the spiraling cost of higher ed and they set the terms of student loans. Government regulations and screwed up tax policy is contributing to our stagnant economy which hurts job seekers of all ages. Government policy sets international trade rules which affects the locating decisions of businesses. And so on.
The revolving door that allows someone to work in government, leave government service and "cash in" the relationships they have developed could be stopped by the government as a condition of accepting a federal job.
Although I don't believe we can have a completely laisse faire system, the idea that a benevolent government is looking out for our every need is dangerous and is more a part of the fed cabal than corporate America.
Corporate America needs to be decoupled from the federal teat but the onus is going to be on the government, whose stated purpose is to work on behalf of the people, rather that the corporations whose stated purpose is to return the maximum possible return to the shareholders.
I'd like to see who will try to co op the movement for their purposes. Chaos is too precious to waste and I'm sure there are many seeking to use it for their advantage.

James Thomas Shell said...

The Steet owns the Politicians. Why can't people understand that?

We see it at every level of governance (local, State, Federal, Global). We have to defang crony capitalism!!!

The Federal Reserve is the heart of the problem. Everything is out of control. This is a breakdown crisis. The economy is not working because of corrupt entrenched interests. That is what has caused this Depression!!!

Silence DoGood said...

For what it's worth, points made are fair in my view, discussing this thread. But I do think that Government should guarantee 3 basic things; shelter, food, healthcare. That covers the bottom tier of Maslow's hierarchy. And I'll say this, just so that no one thinks I've been slapped around with a socialist stick. I think that none of that should be in the form of cash or any type of currency. I'm talking tent cities, I'm talking rudimentary and spartan, just in case someone has a notion that I've somehow gone through a metamorphosis and turned into Karl Marx. I'm talking protecting people from dieing from exposure, starving to death, or contracting some disease that is preventable or curable but otherwise fatal. In that manner, you are providing domestic tranquility and welfare to the citizens that may be the unfortunate compulsory players of that new 'all the rage game', down-sizing. Beats living under an overpass and eating out of a trashcan. I likewise think that Government should QUIT borrowing money from the retirement funds it administers and yes, I'm thinking specifically of Social Security here. Beyond that and general governance, I think that all funding for things such as, "The mating habits of the inert slug" should be immediately curtailed. I likewise think that we have enough bullets, bombs, and planes to last a day or two. I was watching the Military Channel the other night and saw one of the most asinine things I’ve ever seen in my life; Air Force Combat Divers. Yeah, you read that right. And all this time, I thought that was why we had a Navy.

I think that Congress should de-fund itself and it's retirement programs and be forced back into the same system set and used by everyone else. They might be a little bit more thoughtful about considering privatizing. And, they could only become eligible when they’ve put their years in, just like everybody else. Even better, you want to get rid of ‘entitlements’, do away with retirement plans for elected officials altogether. That might help solve the problem even more.

And like Harry, I think a non-compete clause would be great. But I'll add 'in a contract' for my own edification. And that same non-compete clause should work the same for the elected official as well as the bureaucrat.

And I’ll add this for the 343,127th time; ban lobbyists once and for all.

In recognition to those who are being festive on the square tonight, “Pro╬▓it!”