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Friday, November 4, 2011

Kim Khardashian and the joke that is the "News" - Silence DoGood

Have you read the news, either in print, on line, or listened to the evening news and one of those ‘celebrity’ shows afterwards? I don’t, by virtue that I have a functioning brain, irregularly or otherwise partake of such shows or information. Why? I have no desire to hear about how or why some chia pet with a pretty face is skiing in St. Moritz this weekend. Hence my current state of disdain and nausea with all the latest hubbub concerning Kim Khardashian.

Can any one point to something solid or even of consequence this person has done that should justify her being splattered all over the print, internet, and broadcast media? What has Kim Khardashian done to facilitate society as a whole and perpetuate mankind? Has she invented something to make life on this planet more tolerable, noble, easier? Can anyone think of one contribution to the planet this person has made to deserve and get the celebrity status she currently has? No? Me either.

Yesterday was the breaking point with me and this little charade. She was seen on television by me, “apologizing to her fans…” Excuse me, what fans? Why does this person need or deserve fans when we’ve already established that they have done absolutely nothing of consequence with their lives. And of course, for those that detract from and stand in awe and disbelief of this poorly scripted performance in bereavement, you are labeled as “hater.” Fine, sign me up and gimme one of them labels.

First of all, we were forced to endure the ‘wedding’. We were all told how we should be excited at how glamorous this event would be. And now, as this obvious facade comes to an end, we are told how distraught and troubling it is. Please. Does anybody really care? Over half of the marriages end in divorce in this country. She’s a statistic. Granted, most last longer than 72 days, but hey, some people actually put forth an effort in some ventures.

With all that is happening and transpiring with the world, this is what we have to talk about and engage in public discourse over, Kim Khardashian, statistic. Perhaps it is a pleasant diversion from the jobless figures, the economy numbers, ills of war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. It keeps people duly occupied with their minds away from the collapse in Greece, the occupy Wall Street, Oakland, Seattle, and a dozen other places where people are fed up and taking to the streets because they’re out of options.

Do I dislike Kim Khardashian? No I don’t. I dislike what she stands for and the fact that so much time is devoted to her and she has done absolutely nothing for it. When your occupation is classified as ‘socialite’ that tells me quite a bit about the person bearing that occupation. What does it mean anyway when your occupation is ‘socialite’? What is it you do, exactly? What is it you contribute to society at all (and I ain’t talking about the bunch down at the exclusive social venue for members only)? I honestly don’t know and would sincerely like to have this paradox answered sufficiently that I can understand why these seemingly worthless people deserve the attention they receive. I dislike the fact that of all the things we should be talking about in this world today, we are diverted to what is an everyday occurrence in this nation. Kim Khardashian is a non-event. It’s almost like the Hickory News has made a comeback and Valerie is table-hopping once more at the Country Clubs.


James Thomas Shell said...

Don't forget about the Justin Bieber junk. And this punk is idolized by kids. And this stuff is basically promoted by the Lame Stream media. Or what about all of the time devoted to the Michael Jackson trial.

I'm hearing the blurb news reported on the radio and they are reporting on the start of filming of the latest James Bond movie and how it was thought that there might not be one. It was like a twenty second report and it was aimless -- no context.

The Lame Stream media keeps trying to talk up the economy and doesn't report anything substantive about all of the protest movements taking place and there is so much spin it makes one dizzy.

This is what you get when an oligopoly with conflicting interests take over the media.

harryhipps said...

The focus on celebrities that are famous for doing little or nothing is kinda crazy. But a generation or two of Chinese rule ought to focus the mind.