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Saturday, November 19, 2011

When will Jon Corzine and his cronies be arraigned?

MF Global is the tipping point. This is a meltdown right along the lines of the contagion created by Bear Stearns relating to the Mortgage Backed Securities market in 2008. This is about Precious Metals. There are a lot of people who have been ripped off.

The clowns that back the Republicans and Democrats keep the game rolling by buying into the con. Republicans for Small Gubment. The Democrats for the Common Man. Do you realize what dupes you are? You are dupes people... You are freaking dupes... And I have gotten to the point where I just have to laugh when I hear people talking about the debates and how they support this con man or that con man... And you do zero research.

You better get your provisions ready and figure out what you are going to do when the banks start going down, because when they merged the Holding Bank Corporations with the Investment Bank Corporations and allowed the revolving door between "Public Servants," Lobbyists, and Corporate Execs, the rigged game was on. The Real Estate mess happened, because Banking became all about Sales and the fees associated with sales. You ever traded stocks? It's hard to make a real return, because these investment companies basically try to encourage you to day (flip)trade and then they fee you to death, If you don't day trade, then they fee you to death with inactivity penalties. Then they have been caught frontrunning trades to make fees on the margins when you buy and when you sell. I know, because I lost a few thousand before I figured out that scheme.

You look at the Mortgage Industry. They certainly weren't doing anything that I was taught in school. But, the banks weren't going to hire someone like me with a degree in Finance. They wanted a psychology or marketing major who is taught how to push sales and talk customers into agreeing to purchase instruments that they don't need. The slow and steady pace of investment will win you the race,when it comes to building wealth, but that limits the ability of the bank to make convoluted paper profits. For years, the banks haven't been realizing substantive/real profits. It has all been on convoluted accounting gimmicks involving mark to fantasy when assessing the value of toxic financial instruments. They aren't investing in productivity. They have been flipping these electronic derivative instruments and rigging the markets through electronic/programmed trading schemes. And they have committed fraud all along the way, because they haven't been fulfilling their duties as a public trust or their fiduciary responsibilities towards individual investors or their clients.

It is time for hearings and trials. If the congress is unwilling, because of their conflicts of interest and prostituting themselves to these Banksters, then try these criminals on the State level. If not with the States, then let's have some D.A.s prosecute and Sheriffs arraign some of these people.

Study the MF Global incident that has started this contagion involving commodities.

Fund Transfers Are Focus of MF Global Probe - Wall Street Journal - SCOTT PATTERSON - November 18, 2011
Regulators have unearthed new details indicating MF Global Holdings Ltd. shifted hundreds of millions of dollars in customer funds to its own brokerage accounts in the days before its bankruptcy filing, according to people familiar with the matter.

Such moves could violate regulations stipulating that commodities brokers can't mix customer funds with brokerage funds. Brokerage funds often are used to back proprietary trading positions.

According to MF Global's internal records, the transactions were as large as hundreds of millions of dollars at a time, these people said.

It is common practice among futures brokers to maintain a buffer of firm capital in customer-segregated accounts to protect against possible customer losses, industry officials said. However, MF Global officials believe it was acceptable to use those funds when required for the company's needs, people familiar with the matter said.

It appears likely to regulators from their investigation so far that MF Global burned through all of its capital buffer during the week before the Oct. 31 bankruptcy filing, and then started tapping customer funds, according to people familiar with the matter.

The executives at MF Global knew exactly what they were doing. It does not matter if they were desperate. The bottom line is that they have broken the law. Jon Corzine may have been a Senator and Governor of New Jersey. Whoopty Freaking Do. One thing we see is another person in the long line of the revolving door of Goldman Sachs and the government -- where Corzine was once the CEO.

In the real world, we have people out here that are desperate and they go rob a person or a store. Nobody is cutting them any slack. They do time. It is time to quit cutting these con men posing as financial experts any slack. Why are we cutting these Bankster Robber Barrons any slack?

This is the reason why we can't find traction to get on the road towards an economic recovery, because we are endorsing malfeasance, corruption, and criminal activity based upon stature and cronyism. This is the cause of the Breakdown Crisis we see with the World Economy. These people have created the negative Economic Vortex, because there is no trust in the Economic/Commercial system. You can't trust what you are getting into when making an investment. No one minds assuming risk, but this corruption creates an unquantifiable risk to investments.

Morons lambast those kids who are protesting as part of the occupy movement. The maroons ought to realize that we should all be protesting. Instead of holding the door open for the white collar bank robbers, we should be slamming the door shut on their holding cells!!!

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