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Friday, December 16, 2011

Hal Row's First Talk - CEG discussion about Ward Specific Voting - The Interview

Part 1 - Billy Sudderth gives his reasoning for the formation of the Citizens for Equity in Government and Joe Brannock begins the discussion about how the current voting structure came into existence.

Part 2 -  Joe Brannock continues on with the history lesson of what happened back in the 1960s that has led us to where we are today and Billy Sudderth talks about some of the political maneuvering that took place at that time

Part 3 - Billy Sudderth continues by talking about disenfranchisement and the lack of participation that he believes is a result of the system. Joe talks about the perceptions and how he is white, republican and young and Billy is black, a senior, and a Democrat and we need to cast off the labels to be able to move things forward. He talks about how 4 people on council made a decision that shut out citizen participation. There is no entry point into the pipeline of civic service.

Part 4 - Joe Brannock talks about council people representing the City of Hickory at the same time that they are directly elected by their ward. Citizens of Hickory don't vote on members of Congress from other districts and yet these representatives represent the welfare of the entire State of North Carolina. They give out contact numbers to sign the petition: Billy Sudderth 828-308-4669 / Joe Brannock: 828-455-3789

 1967 - How we got where we are today - November 11, 2011

1961 -- A lesson in Hickory's History - November 10, 2011

Hickory City Elections: The Results are in - November 9, 2011

Press Conference on Ward Voting Referendum -- September 20, 2011

Newsletter about the City Council meeting of June 7, 2011 -- Addendum on "The Newly Proposed Ward Boundary Map" - June 8, 2011

Big thanks to Hal and WHKY for having this educational interview on First Talk. I think he did an excellent job of hosting this interview and I believe that WHKY is now in the ball game when it comes to the discussion of this issue. All anyone has asked for is to be allowed to have a public forum to discuss the Direct Ward versus At-Large issue with the public and from there the chips shall fall where they may.


harryhipps said...

I have often complained about the lack of an investigative media in Hickory but we owe a big THANKS to WHKY for this broadcast. My experience personally and what I know from others is that WHKY is very fair in how they treat people and especially Hal and Suzie are some of the nicest and welcoming people you'd want to work with.

They run the show efficiently and in a down home manner that draws out the gist of the guests they have.

Thanks again WHKY.

Now let's see if we can get some real change and progress here.

Silence DoGood said...

I for another am glad to see it. Perhaps this will be the fuel necessary for the spark that is the Citizens for Equity in Government initiative. I can only parrot the accolades that have been lauded upon Hal for providing his show as an impartial forum.

There is still the matter of the Mayor voting on issues however and I haven't forgotten, neither have a lot of other people. It might not have been the doing of this Mayor and governing board, but it is need of fixing. I notice it didn't take long to get a vote on the concealed carry handgun issue after that law went into effect on December 1st. The time is long past due to rectify this matter.