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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We are on the hook for FRAUD!!! by the Banksters

60 Minutes - Part 1 - Countywide Mortgage Fraud

60 Minutes - Part 2 - Citibank Mortgage Fraud

The Hound: I am sure that many of you have seen the 60 Minutes pieces from Sunday. Wow!!! That nailed it. Countrywide and CitiGroup aren't the exception, they are the rule. The issue isn't just Sarbanes-Oxley. The issue is the corruption of our financial system from the top to the bottom.

The Executive Branch is corrupted. The Congress is corrupted. The Department of Justice is corrupted. The Securities and Exchange Commission is corrupted. Wall Street is out of control and run by a what amounts to organized crime. Everyone of the above groups have profited and the American people have been shafted. The Rich get richer and the Middle Class continues to be decimated.

What happens if you are broke and don't pay your taxes or write a bad check? And that probably amounts to anywhere from tens of dollars to maybe a few thousand. The Government will come jail you, because they don't respect you. They feed off of the weak. Yet, these people have stolen millions, billions, and trillions and they aren't even being questioned. That says it all, doesn't it?

We look to the European crisis and the bailout by The United States Federal Reserve. This wasn't done in the American people's interest. This was done to protect the hides of those invested in the Ponzi Economy. I question Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner's manhood. They throw these daggers into America's economic system and don't have the guts to face issues of accountability in relation to what they and their cohorts have done. They are flailing away, buying time, in the face of an economic breakdown crisis. The World economic system is unraveling before our very eyes. Our government and our economy has been hijacked by these people who have been deemed to be smarter and better than "We the People." This leadership who has no common sense and thus no common intelligence.

You have people like Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina sponsoring unconstitutional, anti-Liberty legislation to protect the hides of Legislators who feel that they should never be held accountable. Hey South Carolina, it is time that you wake up!!! You talk about smaller government and individual self-reliance and then you keep re-electing this big nanny state liberal just because he runs as a Republican. Lindsey Graham is 180 degrees opposite of what the Reagan movement was supposed to represent!!!

It is time to get back to some checks and balances. I don't want to lose the functionality of the Federal Government, but right now it has gone rogue. It isn't that it is directionless. It has a direction, but that direction is an Anti-Liberty and Globalist initiative. People compartmentalize issues. Look at the overall picture. They are destroying the value of the currency. That is a hidden tax. Right now it means that the money you worked for last year buys 10% less and the money you are earning this year will probably be worth 20% less next year. They cook the books and tell you inflation is only 3%, so seniors relying on Social security are going to see their already limited purchasing power further eroded. And inflation compounds and feeds off of itself over time. The dollar from 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created, is worth 1-cent today. A gold double eagle was $20 then and had held that value for 60 years. Today it is trading at over 85 times that value ($1,710). It is time to take steps to stabilize our financial system and it is obvious that the current power structure has no interest in restoring a system to "We the People." Their actions show that they are only interested in protecting themselves and their connected cronies. And folks, they obviously aren't very good at it.

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