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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Hounds viewership grew by 42.7% in 2011

We still have a lot of work to do when it comes to winning the public over and getting them to understand the validity of this newsource, but we are proud of what we have accomplished so far in the time of the existence of the Hickory Hound. Last year (2011) saw 22,920 unique viewers visiting this website compared to 16,058 in 2010 and 13,652 in 2009. That is an increase of 6,862 unique views from 2010 to 2011.

When looking at pageloads and people visiting various pages and documents on the site, the site grew to 39,865 pageloads in 2011 versus 28,374 pageloads in 2010. That is a 40.5% increase in pageloads. So one can see that the growth in the site was across the board and people are reading the site in depth.

Myself and the others who are associated with this site participate here, because we believe in the mission. We could spend time doing more leisurely activities and I am sure that there are many people who wish that we would "find something better to do." In the peril in which we find this community and our society, we feel we have a calling. Of course most of the input on this site comes from myself, but the connections that have been developed have been invaluable and we would not be growing at the rate we have without them. I thank each and every one of my colleagues from the bottom of my heart for being friends and talking issues out with me and providing expressed input themselves.

I remember a few weeks ago when we were accused of being one sided and narrow minded about the Union Square issues. People are starting to wake up around here and see through a lot of the rouse of simplistic labeling that goes on in this community. We have seen it all. First the insiders try to co-opt you. When that doesn't work, then they move on to saying you are a conspiracy theorist. When you have multiple incidents where your logic proves credible, then they move on to attacking your character. In the end the insiders don't understand that they are losing their grip, because people are witnessing the gamesmanship and as the scams are forced into higher and higher stakes, people are going to become more and more aware, because it is affecting more and more people personally.

When times were good, people weren't forced to pinch pennies and waste to a certain extent was acceptable. Now people have had to tighten their belts and scramble to keep financially level. Some people seem to think somebody else has to take the big haircut, while they trim around the edges. In times like these, all most of us expect is fairness when it comes to shared sacrifice. That is why we have pointed to certain issues involving economic and social equitability in this community. To me, Social Justice is not the bad word that some want to make it out to be; because we are not seeking equal outcomes. We are seeking a level playing field.

I think the growth of the blog shows the awakening going on in this community and to a certain extent legitimizes the message, which in turn brings with it a level of credibility. We will not take that for granted.

I don't know what the upcoming year has in store. I don't take for granted that this blog will continue to grow and growing at 40% in 2012 certainly isn't a given. I appreciate everyone of the 57,334 views that have been granted by the perusers of this site, even when they don't see eye-to-eye with me and vise-versa. It is certainly my hope that we will all enjoy the advancement and enhancement of our lives in the year ahead. And that is the goal we will continue to work towards in the many days ahead.

Peace Be with you all!!!

1 comment:

Silence DoGood said...

And also with you.

I agree you know. I agree that I'm not looking at equality being a strict split of whatever. But I expect, like you, the levelness of the field. That seems to be missing from the debate is the notion of equity in opportunity. I don't think, by in large, that anyone that regularly reads this or, like myself, contributes in an ad hoc manner, expect otherwise. But the indoctrination to the contrary is so firmly entrenched in the culture of the area, that to mention social equality is to advocate for a socialist stratification of take from one and give to another. While I do think that if you have been given much, then you should share some of that blessing. Problem is, basic greed is such that success doesn't produce benevolence or piety, only a lust for more. And a lack of compassion or understanding for anyone that doesn't act as they do, think as they do, or succeed as they have.

So yes, here's to a successful year at the Hound. May the work continue and success be as a beacon in the darkness of blissful ignorance and corruptive practice.