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Friday, February 3, 2012

Reality and the 2012 Presidential Election

For those of you who aren't afraid of the real current events watch the information above. You rob a convenience store and they put you in prison for 7 years plus. You see the man, reported on locally, who has fenced maybe a million dollars in goods on Craig's list etc. Yet, John Corzine has swindled billions of dollars through MF Global and he isn't even being questioned. We have a Congress that is allowed to insider trade and we have a Senator here in North Carolina who voted against legislation that would move forward ending this. And don't think this makes the Democrats better, because they are in on it too. As I showed in the Economic Stories of Relevance (1/15/2012) a few weeks ago, Goldman Sachs was the largest campaign contributor to Obama in 2008 and so far in 2012 they are the largest contributor to the Romney Campaign.

News on Quantitative Easing 3

This is what happens in Third World Nations. The United States is way down the list on most world rankings in relation to education, healthcare, quality of life, human rights... This is what happens in an imploding economy. This is what happens under the auspices of austerity.
Most of Newt Gingrich’s Twitter Followers Are Fake - - August 1, 2012 - Newt employs a variety of agencies whose sole purpose is to procure Twitter followers for people who are shallow/insecure/unpopular enough to pay for them. As you might guess, Newt is most decidedly one of the people to which these agencies cater.

About 80 percent of those accounts are inactive or are dummy accounts created by various "follow agencies," another 10 percent are real people who are part of a network of folks who follow others back and are paying for followers themselves (Newt's profile just happens to be a part of these networks because he uses them, although he doesn't follow back), and the remaining 10 percent may, in fact, be real, sentient people who happen to like Newt Gingrich. If you simply scroll through his list of followers you'll see that most of them have odd usernames and no profile photos, which has to do with the fact that they were mass generated. Pathetic, isn't it?
What you are going to find out next year is that whoever is elected is not any different than the other when it comes to Obama, Romney, and/or Gingrich. I know that is going to upset the Republicans that think that Obama is the only Marxist. When you look at Massachusetts healthcare plan and compare it to Obamacare, you see that it's the exact same plan. Hey, that plan was instituted under Romney. You look at what has happened with MF Global and it is the same buy it up and strip it out Corporatism that Romney headed up at Bain Capital.

Oh, so if Romney is so bad and Obama is so bad, then that must mean that you endorse Gingrinch. Look at the dishonesty of his campaign. He is completely in it up to his eyeballs with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (from Real Estate Depression fame):

And yet, over a span of eight years, according to Bloomberg News, The Gingrich Group was paid between $1.6 and $1.8 million by the Freddie Mac. At the same time, Freddie Mac was engaged in massive fraud. Gingrich suggested he was a “historian” for Freddie Mac. But the evidence clearly shows he was “throwing his weight” behind the two Government Sponsored Enterprises to prop them up, saying in one interview that Fannie and Freddie provided a more “liquid and stable housing finance system than we would have” without them. Ironically, President Obama, the man who Gingrich is seeking to oust from office, is keeping secret each and every Freddie Mac (and Fannie Mae) document, including those that could shed light on Gingrich’s relationship with Freddie.

Gingrich also has claimed, “I have never done lobbying of any kind.” However, as documented by the Washington Examiner’s Timothy Carney, Gingrich was a hired gun for the drug lobby who “worked hard to persuade Republican congressmen to vote for the Medicare drug subsidy that the industry favored.” Carney reports that the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America confirmed that they paid Gingrich. Bloomberg News “cited sources from leading drug companies AstraZeneca and Pfizer saying that those companies had also hired Gingrich.”

I don't agree with everything that Ron Paul says, but I trust him. I also don't think that he is a fruitcake. If you listen, then you will understand where I am coming from and where he is coming from. Where I disagree with him is in relation to a laissez faire philosophy towards foreign policy and domestic corporate regulation. I think the mega-corporations need to be reined in and while I agree that the endless wars need to be curtailed, we need to ensure that any cease fire related to current hostilities is recognized by all parties. The problem with the current U.S. foreign policy is that we do not expedite missions, we draw them out with no defined mission or conclusion.

I am tired of voting for the lesser of evils. I don't expect anyone to fulfill all of my desires related to philosophy. I just don't want a Flip Flopper or a Hypocrite or Obfuscator as the leader of this nation. If we are going to turn this country around, then we are going to have to have a straight shooter with convictions who at the same time is able to build consensus. Unfortunately, I just don't see that happening in this election cycle.


Silence DoGood said...

That link provides an interesting perspective on and in conjunction with what your saying I think.

Anonymous said...

DoGood i read the article on your link you posted. It was very informative and knowledgable. I agree with the hound about Ron Paul. I think a lot of people be it corporate executives, politicians, etc..are afraid of him. They realize he has many qualities of yester-year that could bring back the strengths of America, but it will come at a cost to them literally or metaphorically. In other topics i was just reading up on the city council minutes for Hickory. I see where the old Holler Hosiery Mill is going to be renovated into a Brewery, Resteraunt, and shops. I am really glad to see an old factory being used again and transformed into something new, especially in the Hickory area.

harryhipps said...

The City is also going to spend $140K on fixing up 5 tennis courts. When it's a priority the money is there.

James Thomas Shell said...

The Holler Hosiery development is a good thing. Remember 3 years ago when I pointed out the blight that it was with all of the broken out windows, graffiti, etc.

we are always hearing about entry points into the city. You drive on that LR Boulevard/Highland Avenue extension that is smooth as glass and then you see that. It will be a welcome sight to see it transformed.

Silence DoGood said...

In some aspects, there is certainly nothing wrong with the ideas Ron Paul has. I think the more pertinent question here is, Are they good ideas for the time period in which we find ourselves? I'm sure that some view Paul as a loose cannon, uncontrollable, or a maverick even. That may be true with regard to those with whom he chooses to affiliate himself. But I also see opposition from those that likewise adhere to the one step forward, two steps back way of thinking as well.

I don't think we'll ever return to an age of when a hamburger was a dime, a coke was a nickel, or a gallon of gas was twelve cents. I realize that those are generalizations of what once was and are iconic in how they captivate people in their notions of what is often referred to as "The Good Old Days." I realize too that Paul has promised none of those things and are used by me as rhetorical manifestations of a time passed, since I’m not literate on all that Ron Paul is about. I think the political mantra from both sides has turned into a din of rhetoric that has become nothing but noise and served to numb their intellects to the point of them being ‘Comfortably Numb’ to anything anyone who maligns themselves with either of the two standing parties of the ‘system’ so that a voice from the shadows that carries a message of being decidedly different that hold warm memories of what was has promise and catches peoples’ attention.

In that regard, are his ideas good for this time and age? Right and wrong aren’t really arguable since no one can attest to the voracity of an idea that is untested. It’s like trying to say a philosophy is empirical. But also, while an idea was right for a different time under different parameters, does that make it good for this time? Conversely, the same goes with wrong ideas and the time frame/conditions that rendered it wrong. Some things are inherently right or wrong, some things are situational with regard to prefacing them with being right or wrong. Ultimately, that’s not a question that I can answer for anyone but myself.