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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Mayor on Hal Row's show from April 2, 2012 about Larry Pope

The information presented here is part of the pattern that I discussed with you on Saturday. I don't think that anyone's goal is to  slander or libel the Mayor as he stated that Larry Pope had gone right up to the edge of doing related to his address of the City Council on March 6, 2012. That subject came up in the Hal Row show interview below and Larry calls in to defend himself. Then there is the Mayor's submission to the HDR this past weekend (May 26, 2012) where he states that there are "inaccuracies, errone­ous conclusions and misquotes" in Harry Hipps' presentation from two weeks prior in relation to comments made on Hal's Monday May 7, 2012 interview with the Mayor.

Mayor Wright doesn't seem to want to have any back and forth discussion with anyone about city issues. He has told Rebecca Inglefield to call him on his cell phone, but mainly refuses to engage her in discussions at City Council meetings in relation to her concerns. People have tried to engage the Mayor at City Council to no avail. The Mayor tells people "This is not a debate" when they request to be heard. It makes people feel like the Mayor and City Council could care less about their concerns. Hal offers the Mayor a chance to respond to Larry's comments made during that April show and the Mayor states that he isn't going to respond to (Larry's comments), because he has responded time and again... and then goes on to say that Larry's comments aren't worthy of response.

I don't think anyone wants to have this kind of public relationship with Mayor Wright. They want to understand where he is coming from. They want to understand his decision making process. That is what would happen with open processes and engagement. The Mayor constantly tells us we are wrong, but never gives us reasons why we are wrong.

One suggestion that I have made is to have Town Hall meetings. Another idea is that we move Citizens Requesting to be heard to the beginning of City Council meetings, instead of at the end where eveyone is looking to wrap up the session. This would correlate perfectly with the problems we have seen with the Consent Agenda. People could voice concerns about issues with the Meeting Agenda before the items are voted upon. This would be the best move towards open engagement and full disclosure relating to pertinent city issues.

Like I have said, I don't think anyone is purposefully mischaracterizing the positions of the Mayor, Hickory City Council or Administration. And personally, I don't feel like they have been mischaracterized. I don't think we are on the wrong path. If we don't have the facts, figures, and information, then open the books and give us the facts that might sway our opinion. If we don't have the information, then whose fault is that? Superfluous propaganda isn't going to cut it though. We need substance, not rhetoric.

Mayor Wright on Hal Row's Show in which Larry Pope calls in

Larry Pope's address of City Council on March 6, 2012


Anonymous said...

The Mayor's is a common method of non-response of those with superiority complexes who think they are above constructive criticism: Deny without providing any details.
Why not debate? Because he has no leg to stand on, that's why.
He's waiting for you to go away like you're annoying gnats.

Anonymous said...

Pope doesn't like the answer so keeps banging the same drum. Pools, pools, pools... Keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome? Perhaps a different approach?

James Thomas Shell said...

It isn't about the pools per se or the tent per se. It isn't about the way the Ward lines were drawn. It is about the process. Everyone knows and understands that. The people of this community participate and say they want something and the city administration shuts them down any way they can, if it doesn't suit their agenda.

Rudy's buddies get what they want. Everyone else can stuff it.

We all know and understand that a different approach needs to take place. Since cooperation and working towards consensus haven't worked what needs to be done?

2+2= ???

Anonymous said...

Pope has no desire to "cooperate or work together". Just a platform for his demands. He does not speak for the entire community.

James Thomas Shell said...

Larry is labeled and characterized in the manner in which you speak, because of the hostile way in which he and his concerns have been addressed and the manner in which he has been treated throughout the years at the City Council. He has fought with fire against the fire.

Now some people might not like that he has been a staunch advocate towards his causes and does not shrink back when he speaks before the council, but this is the way Democracy works. It isn't always pretty.

I don't step on Larry's toes when he is abrasive, because after getting to know Larry and others in his community, I have received a greater awareness of where they are coming from. They are constantly labeled and their concerns are rarely addressed in anything other than a superfluous manner. Too bad we don't see advocates like Larry stand up in West Hickory, St. Stephens, and Highland. Maybe soon we will.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how everyone is blaming only the Mayor. The ONLY information the Mayor receives is what the City Mananger, Mick Berry allows him to get.
Berry has turned the City upside down. There has been no accomplishments and no direction since he was appointed. He has down nothing but hand picked a "certain type" of person to put in key positions and running off educated professionals. If you want this city to begin going in a positive direction the first key is to get rid of Mr. Berry. Just ask the employees and they will tell you the reason for ALL the mistakes is that only and I mean ONLY Berry makes the decisions and not those that are in positions that know the job.
Yes all of you are correct about change being needed but the change needs to start in the City Manager's Office!

James Thomas Shell said...

Who hand picked the City Manager?