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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's in your face

It is plain as day to see that we have been in a crisis for a long time. The Politicos keep buying time with their Ponzi Economy. Sometimes all of this is very overwhelming because we keep being attacked on every level of our lives.

There is a purpose behind my Sunday links entitled "Economic Stories of Relevance." Last week I had a comment that I was a cut and paste king with no original thought. My mother has something she always says that cuts to the chase, about subterfuge - WHATEVER!

There is a weekly connection to those economically relevant links that point to patterns and attempt to educate and reenforce the issues we face. They aren't thrown up there willy-nilly. It is up to you to see the pattern and I think the patterns are obvious. We are being lied to about many aspects of the economy through propagandized information (spin) by the press in conjunction with government incorporated. It is up to people to read between the lines to understand current realities; but many are too busy, while others are too brainwashed, to see this.

Now I know why this person has posted negative comments about what I have said about local governance. It is a petty issue that this person has a friendly association with the local government and the local Republican Party and they can't stand that I am looking to shake up the status quo and this person is fully entrenched in hanging on to the coattails of the local Republican party.

Hey, the comments made by this person are fully their right to make. I do agree that I don't participate in the manner that this person does. As it is this person's right to chastise me for not participating in their system, it is my right not to participate in their system. But, people "in the know" know that I participate more than all but a handful of the people in this community.

Those of us who have aims to shake up the status quo are many times labeled as radicals or trouble makers by the establishment, but in the end the radicals are the people who deflect accountability, obfuscate issues, and seek to keep information out of the public eye in the name of maintaining power and the status quo. These people are as much in the minority as I am. They just don't realize it.

Larry Pope has been one of those individuals that has been labeled negatively by the local Powers That Be. He went to Hickory Inc. with his concerns about the Housing authority and they shut him down. Seems like after reading the article in the Hickory Daily Record on Sunday that his concerns were justified and Hickory Inc. unjustifiably shut down a whistle blower.

We read about the abuse of whistle blowers all the time in National Publications and most of the public in our area seems to be under a delusion that things like that don't happen in Hickory. Make no mistake that this is a serious issue and we have seen several issues along these lines spin out of control over the last several years. There is a common thread there.

How can the public continue to ignore these issues, one right after the other, that hit so close to home? How can the public allow issues of poor management to continue with no accountability towards process.

The characterization of the quintessential used car salesmen is, "Let's get you in the car today and we'll worry about that other stuff tomorrow." By the time the issues arise it is too late. We need to know costs up front. We need to know and understand the issues and concerns we are facing. We need a plan to attack issues and not people. We need to be able to look the people who are leading us in the eye and know that they have control of the reins to lead us somewhere, not nowhere.

I am told that we don't need to worry about these impediments; that we need to go around them. We need to do both. We will most certainly attempt to go around the impediments; but if time is money and money is time and the closest path between two points is a straight line, then it is obvious that the sooner we remove obstacles the better off we are going to be.

(If you don't agree with this context and would like specific quotes about the parameters of this article, then you provide a relevant comment and we will discuss this further in the comments section.)


Silence DoGood said...

Simple enough indeed. They don’t want you upsetting their apple cart. So Anon wades in, with complete anonymity and disassociation to the Party, in order to reek havoc. I find it odd that a hatchet man shows up from the party you are affiliated with. I guess you aren’t their ‘brand’ of Republican.

But in addition to the points you made, let me add one more if I may. Recently, the County Commissioners voted to forego their own nepotism hiring policy to allow the Sheriff to hire his own son at the Sheriff’s Office. A son who was medically retired due to grievous injuries received on the job as an officer elsewhere.

I read that article about Hickory Housing Authority. It’s patently obvious to anyone that can see that Larry knew what was transpiring and left the board before it blew up. So the official ‘stance’ that there was no intent to do wrong is so much caca. Strange isn’t it how you can actually find yourself in a bind using taxpayer money to award contracts to family members, but another governmental entity says it’s okay to hire your own son.

That is just the latest shining example of business and politics as usual in Catawba County. Glenn Barger was one at $157,000 to head the school system again for one year. Bob Mullinax just got appointed to the Newton Conover School Board after not running for Mayor in Newton. This little concentric circle of Catawba County power brokers just goes on and on.

James Thomas Shell said...

Hatchet woman from a glass house.

Larry didn't leave the board. He was forced out by the Mayor, when "His term had expired." That is in that Hal Row interview from April. That is part of what I am referring to when I talk about shutting down a whistle blower.

I don't know about the situation with the Sheriff's son, but I do know that nepotism is the rule rather than the exception in this community. If you aren't related to someone in a position of power then you've got nothing. We basically have a caste system in this community. If you don't have relations, then you better be a pretty good suck up and you better not have too many of your own ideas that you want to put out there for folks to see. That can lead to trouble.

Silence DoGood said...

Ah, well my error on Larry leaving the board.

As far as the Sheriff goes, here it is.

While this article doesn't say, approval was given.