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Saturday, September 29, 2012

CEGs first 5 proposals for a more representative City Council

Citizens for Equity Responds to CALL FROM UNC SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT PROFESSOR: 5 changes for more accountable, more representative city council

Following the historic September 18 referendum election for fair representation, UNC School of Government professor Michael Crowell advised that the high voter turnout and the close outcome of the election dictate that City council look at issues that brought about the referendum. To that end, Citizens for Equity in government, the group that secured signatures to force the referendum election, continues its work to bring about and promote more accountable, more representative local government by proposing the following changes to the current process of City government.

1) Move time for citizens requesting to be heard to the top of the agenda at City council meetings.

2) Demand that council members take conflict of interest matters more seriously.

3) Record and broadcast City council meetings via Charter Cable and the internet.

4) Restore citizen’s right to request that items be removed from the consent agenda.

5) Make “working agendas” available by Wednesday of each week before a City council meeting to give citizens time to be aware and prepare for meetings.

CEG members have offered to meet with City council to discuss these issues and are waiting for such a meeting to take place. In the meantime, we are looking at these five issues to determine how we can help council implement them.

Formed in March, 2011, Citizens for Equity in government is a non-partisan group of concerned citizens from every ward in the city. A grassroots organization, CEG engages in economic and social justice, educational and cultural efforts in the Hickory area. The CEG was founded to work on behalf of all disenfranchised citizens in the Hickory area. Our goal is to ensure participation and representation in the establishment of public policy.

CEG planning meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm at various locations around the city. Meetings are open to all who wish to improve representation at the local level. For information on upcoming meetings, call 828-308-4669 or email

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