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Saturday, September 15, 2012

They gonna Arrest you!!!

From The Hound - The Definition of Cronyism and the Million Dollar Tent - August 31, 2012 - "People associated with Union Square say just ask Mick Berry, he'll give you the numbers, when those numbers have been requested, but not given, in any professional context. We want to see the line items of where and what monies are accounted for and to whom. Is that so much to ask when it comes to public money?"

Lesson to be learned. Don't ask Hickory Inc. any questions, because they aren't going to answer them unless you are one of the chosen few. And for the most part those folks are Kool-Aid sippers, so they don't care. But, if you have enough courage to insist upon answers and stand up to their intimidation, they will have you arrested! 

Yes sir! Yep! That's "Open Book" Cooperation and Transparency Hickory Style!!! The only way they are going to answer anything is under a court ordered deposition.

Statement by Rebecca Inglefield about her arrest at City Hall - September 13, 2012

Below is the City Council meeting of May 1, 2012. Items pulled from the Consent Agenda by Attorney and Citizen Rebecca Inglefield on 5/1/2012 - (That is 4 1/2 months ago folks).

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