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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vote Yes - Today - It's Important!!!

Go vote today (September 18, 2012) at your local precinct where you always vote. This is your last chance to get your ward back.

Advantages of True Ward Voting

True ward elections offer many advantages including:
  • Restores the original system of City Government
  • Traditional representation method that is used in almost all larger municipalities
  • Less costly campaigns
  • Cuts government spending when fewer polls are open in non-mayoral elections
  • Better access to elected office for new candidates
  • Promotes close ties between ward representatives and constituents
  • Encourages citizen participation
  • Provides immediate service and direct accountability to the voters
  • More efficient division of responsibilities among members
  • Provides stronger voice for voters within their own ward
  • Voters can be more educated and knowledgeable about their local candidates
  • Council members bring more diverse ideas for making complex decisions for the city as a whole
  • Increases the ability of new and diverse candidates to get elected
  • Eliminates voting blocks

1 comment:

Cecil James said...

It also places a greater demand for leadership on the Mayor to keep the interest of the entire city as the focus of Council decision making.