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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I've been sick and needed to slow down - The Election

Got the sinus funk like so many others. Thought I could ward it off, but in the end wasn't able to. Really felt rough yesterday. Tried to rest the last couple of days... probably slept 13 hours yesterday. Feeling better today. Going to go drink some coffee and try and get back at it.

Not much to report heading into the election. On the Presidential ticket I will be supporting Romney. Not enthralled with many of his policies, but we know what we are getting with Obama, which is four more years of nothing. The man doesn't understand leadership. The man doesn't understand economics.

For Governor, I will take Pat McCrory. He should have been Governor four years ago. He was the Mayor of Charlotte when it was booming. I also think it is time that we have a Governor from the Western side of North Carolina, who will look out for some western interests instead of sending everything down east. How many times has Bev Purdue ventured to this side of the state. How many times did her predecessors come this way. It is time for a change.

I will be voting for Congressman McHenry, he is my representative, but it is insane the way that these congressional districts are drawn here in Hickory. Mr. McHenry has voted the way that I would on most every issue. I just hope that he will take a look at getting us out of Afghanistan and the Middle East, because those are untenable situations. And it is time to reel the Mega-Banks and Wall Street in because they do not represent our nations interests and/or sovereignty.

Where I will break from the Republicans is on the local level. I have gotten to know Jody Inglefield and Cliff Moone and they are men of principle and integrity. They aren't some kind of bug eyed Liberals. They are actually quite conservative when it comes to fiscal policy, but folks we have to have growth. We have to invest in the future.

I haven't heard much about Mr. Wells policies and I haven't even really seen him run any sort of campaign. As for Mr. Allran, if you are going to spend half your life doing something, shouldn't you have a record of accomplishments to stand on? It is time for a reality check here in our area. We have been taken for granted that the Republican will automatically be elected for too long, especially when the Republican isn't doing anything to support the growth of the people in our area.

I am a proud Constitutional Republican - Over and Out!!!

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