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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas - Remember Two Years Ago - White Christmas 2010

2010 was a special Christmas. It had been 63 years since the last Super Duper White Christmas, although we had seen snow on Christmas's a few times in my life. No snow had stuck and lasted like this one did.

This was to be my grandmother's last Christmas. She was riding shotgun in the car with me that day, as she had done so many times in the past, as we traveled to my other grandmother's house for a family dinner. She passed away 7 1/2 months later. I knew that this might very well be her last Christmas that day. We did everything we could to make it a great day for her.

I don't have much family left. As you get older, you remember those times when you were younger. Those are the greatest times of you life and you should cherish them. You need to communicate that with your children. You need to enjoy this and your family. Those toys or those clothes won't amount to a hill of beans in 25 or 50 years. What will matter are the memories you share with family and friends. Those are the things that you will have the rest of your life. Make them happy, positive, and wholesome, because who knows what tomorrow holds.

Peace Be with you all.

Here's to you Mammaw (Cheers)

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