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Monday, January 7, 2013

Richard Garrison, WBTV, & Grace Hospital



Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to use the "hickoryhound" to tell people about the upcoming news story concerning Grace Hospital.

Starting this week, WBTV NewsChannel 3, will begin developing a news segment to spotlight ongoing problems at Grace Hospital. My personal issue involving a "process dispute" will be included, and reporters Jeff Keene and Jamie Boll will be working on and talking to others who have had a bad experience at Grace Hospital. If you have had ANY experience that caused you grief or harrassed you or continues to harrass you months or longer after the experience at Grace Hospital, Jeff Keene wants to talk to you. Please contact Jeff at: - OR - (704) 374-3757

Jeff wants ALL types of issues to include in the news segment, so if you want to share yours, please contact Jeff at the email or phone number listed here.


Richard Garrison

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