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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Caught in the Crossfire

I've been paying some attention to what is going on with this Sequester thing and I think the politics surrounding it are totally ridiculous. Both political parties are embarrassing. You have the Democrats who haven't put forward a budget since Obama has been in office and yet they have nearly doubled the National Debt in five years and they have ZERO plan to move forward. You have the Republicans who can only talk about making trivial cuts to Federal Spending and they want to continue the status quo policies that are bankrupting the middle class and only helping the richest of the rich.

Let me tell you where this is heading. There is no room for people. There aren't going to be many, if any, jobs. With the lack of supply of jobs and the heavy demand for jobs, you are going to get lowballed on income and benefits. You are going to have a heavily skewed distribution of income. There will be equity in poverty for 90%+ of the U.S. populace and then we are going to have a noble overlord class that is going to use technology to keep us in line until we die peacefully or murder us if we rise up. You haven't learned over the past decade that you don't have any rights? You haven't learned that in a Godless system that you have no inalienable rights? That the only rights you have are bequeathed to you by the perverted government?

These little piddly cuts in governmental spending are only structured for the "on book" system. Everything that is done "off book" is going to keep moving forward. The robotics that monitor us to provide "Security," who is that "Security" for? And the middle class, who can't afford the lawyers, accountants, and corporate structure are the ones who have paid to build their own prison and the system of their own demise.

Everything is in place. There is going to be pain and there is no way out. Economically, things are going to happen moving forward that will finally make you understand this implosion. There is a consolidation taking place and there is no room for YOU. YOU and I are the sacrificed in the plans of the Richest of the Rich. They talk about class warfare and they are the ones, who through their greed, have instituted class warfare. It is all about Power through Control. That is not what this country was built upon, but Liberty has been frittered away.

You thought if you didn't pay attention that everything would be alright. You just wanted to be left alone and are too stupid to understand that they aren't going to leave you alone. You say you want Freedom of Choice and a Right to Privacy, but you have neither. I'd tell you to wake up, but it'll be too late when most do. It's too late now.

Peace Be with You and I'll continue to pray.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I expected a lively response with regard to this post. It’s telling and insightful in a number of aspects. So either apathy has once again taken hold or there was some other reason no one responded. I’m hoping everyone was just too busy.

“To whom much is given, much is expected.” Just yesterday the stock market closed at its highest level since its formation. The 16 trillion dollar loss suffered when the market sagged in 2007 has been regained. Companies are reporting they have coffers full of cash and are running at the highest level of efficiency and productivity they’ve ever known. Corporate America seems to be flying high. I sense something amiss.

Why then are wages for people continuing to slide backwards? Why then is the unemployment rate still excessively high? Why are concessions, breaks, and incentives still running in high octaves toward business and companies when it clearly, obviously isn’t companies that are suffering in the current state of affairs? Why do we continually see the cost of living increase and when talking about fuels, exponentially almost daily and seemingly for some lame reason that the API proffers only when people start to squeal from the pain. We just saw an overall rise in property insurance rates of 7%. Local government is currently in the budget process and while there most likely won’t be an increase in the property tax rate, utilities such as water and sewer and that miscellaneous revenue grabber, “landfill tipping fee” will most likely increase.

Well what about the people? What good or benefit are all of your systems, processes, widgets, and services if no one can buy them? People are treated as disposable assets, a variable cost to be controlled when the margins start to close. They are also the fuel that runs the economy through their purchasing power and disposable income. And yet, they are one of the first things to be incised from the plan. Then, when they have nothing left and look to societies’ gatekeeper, government, they find that our new state government would rather preserve the unemployment system for future generations and pay down a $2 billion debt. Somehow, people facing eviction and starvation today is less important than servicing a debt and preserving a system for tomorrow, which if it isn’t there to provide some sort of relief, what good is it, especially today in this micro depression we’ve experienced.

So if corporations are flush with cash as it truly appears they are, it’s time they started spending some of it employing people, not re-modeling the board room or the corporate jet.