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Friday, July 12, 2013

Inspiring Spaces Presentation - July 9, 2013

Statement from the City of Hickory administration about the Inspiring Spaces Project:

In 2011, the Hickory City Council visited leaders from five southeastern cities to learn how those communities are successfully transitioning to new economic realities. The themes emerging from the success stories included the importance of public investment in the public spaces of their city, the benefit of private/public partnerships, focusing on economic development and redevelopment, providing venues and programming for outstanding special events, and engaging the philanthropic community for their support of activities and projects that will enhance the city.
Since those visits, the City of Hickory has been working with Land Design to develop a comprehensive list of projects that will improve the appearance of Hickory. This plan is called Inspiring Spaces, which will help to chart the course for improvements in the public spaces that will bring about revitalization in many areas of Hickory.

 Inspiring Spaces Documents

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