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Monday, July 1, 2013

Where are the UNC Board of Governors? -- 3 years later - PJ Hairston's 2013 Yukon: renter identified

I haven't written about this in a long time, but it is time that the mess that is UNC-Chapel Hill gets cleaned up. This isn't just an athletic problem. It is an institutional problem. Let's see what we have seen and heard, payoffs to players, illegal gifts, illegal transportation, illegal trips, lack of transparency by the University involving parking tickets by athletes, lack of willingness to produce public information, illegal agent activity, forgery, grade changing, plagiarism, no-show classes for athletes, players arrested for drug activity, players with illegal weapons, a former admired Governor who shows himself to be just another political system enabler, NCAA basically endorsing academic fraud, NCAA turning blind eye towards multiple incidences of illegal agent activity....

The following will be a another black eye to UNC-Chapel Hill. They had to have had this information for a while now and they continue to attempt to play hide and go seek with information related to their athletic program. The tail not only wags the dog at UNC-CH. They have allowed this to infect whole political and bureaucratic institutions within the State of North Carolina by associaition and non-compliance. This is the definition of a University out of control. It is high time to clean this up!

From PackPride poster "manalishi":

(unc) Hairston's 2013 Yukon: renter identified

The information below was born from a few tips, which lead to some document searches, some data mining, some research and connections, and finally a series of correlations that revealed an identity.  Take it or leave it.


PJ Hairston was arrested in Durham in early June while driving a 2013 Yukon rental.  He (and his two passengers) were arrested for marijuana, and later it was revealed that a 9mm handgun was also found outside the vehicle.

Between the speculation of why Hairston didn't have his license... whether he had a license at all... whether he was old enough to rent a vehicle in NC... etc. .... the main question of WHO rented the vehicle for him was never supplied to the media by Hairston, and certainly not by unc.

Furthermore, there have been claims that Hairston was seen driving the same Yukon (as well as other "new" vehicles) for days/weeks prior to his arrest.  These are as-yet unconfirmed.

But focusing on the Yukon:
The renter of the vehicle Hairston was driving on the night he was arrested was Hayden "Fats" Thomas of Durham, 39 years of age.

At times in the past he has been known by:  HP Thomas; “Fats” Thomas; and “Haydn” without the “e”.

He has prior arrests on a variety of counts, but more recently (and most notably) on drug and weapons charges.  Specifically, he was arrested on 12/15/12 on those charges. 

Here is the article that details his December arrest:

More interestingly, the court date for his December arrest?   July 1st.  (tomorrow, at the time of this posting)

Some past history on Thomas:

He has a series of past criminal activity, as evidenced by this page:

Social media sites connect Thomas with a Durham figure who has been verbally connected to unc in the past, in the form of promoting parties for players, as well as rumors of illegal gifts/benefits:  Tim Harrington.
Another interesting fact is that Thomas was also involved in the Crystal Mangum (Duke Lacrosse) case.  He was supposedly a bouncer/manager at the club where Mangum danced, and was one of the prosecution’s witnesses in the trial.

In reading through some of the links and details of his involvement in the trial, some blog/internet writers referred to him as one of Durham’s “biggest pimps and drug dealers”. 

Links with information about Thomas and his involvement in the Mangum case:

The name of Thomas will show up in the rental records if/when they are officially released.
Furthermore, witnesses say that when asked (on the night of his arrest) where Hairston got the vehicle, Hairston replied "from Fats". 

The following items do not paint this turn of events in a positive light for Hairston:  The criminal activity of Thomas from the past 10 years, the more recent drugs and weapons charges, and the combination of those events with the fact that Hairston was arrested in Durham – with accessories (gun, baggies) that seemed to suggest more than casual marijuana use.

What is no longer in question is whether he accepted a "gift" (in the form of a rental vehicle) from someone.  What is in question, is why that gift was made.  And who at unc (other than Hairston himself) had knowledge of it.

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