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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Platform for a 21st Century Hickory - Public Information

6) Public Information should be user-friendly, open, and accessible in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 132. We understand that when legal issues and private negotiations related to Economic Development arise that there will be a need to keep certain information secret, but as those issues are resolved that information should be immediately accessible. To the greatest extent possible, information should be available electronically online. When information is from the pre-electronic era, it should be made accessible for a minimal cost (10-cents per page) and within 5 business days of the request being made. The key is that there should not be games played with Public Information.

Hickory Incorporated has long played fast and loose with the spirit of the law when it comes to providing Public Information. This led to the arrest of Rebecca Inglefield on September 13, 2012. Most people walk away in frustration when they find obtaining information to be riddled with such obstacles. Some people seem to think that this is alright and people should have to jump through hoops to obtain information or that they should not be provided information. If that is the case, then kiss free society goodbye. The level of control of information defines the level of Liberty (less) versus Tyranny (more).

Hickory City Officials tell you that the information you are going to get is the information you are entitled to under the law. What they don't tell you, but imply, is that it is going to be their interpretation of what they can get away with under the law and not a gram or an inch more. If you are a regular citizen and you don't understand the information, then tough, you'll have to go get a lawyer. If you are a lawyer, then you will have to meet them in court, because they aren't going to be forthright until a judge orders them to be and they have exhausted all appeals.

I don't want to say this. No one wants to say this, but it is what we have experienced as we have sought the costs associated with the Sails on the Square project. We have sought the actual and associated costs of the fabric the "Sails" are made of and we have met a stone wall every step of the way.

Any of the candidates who embrace this platform will help to tear down that wall!

(Play Song)   John Crone’s new single “Blurred Lines” featuring TI, Pharrell, Robin Thicke, and Rudy Wright

I am in no way associated with the site that created the song above. I have been accused of being the creator of this tumblr site, but it is very raw and has vulgar material. These vulgarities damage the credibility of the message, but I don't think the author cares, because it is a parody site. 

I think whomever created the site is very creative, but way over the top when it comes to the message. They took my material and the Conover Crusader's material and enhanced it in a very creative way. So I wanted to allow you to be able to hear the song without going to the actual site, because it fits very well with what we are discussing when it comes to the Hickory Incorporated relationship with Citizens and the spirit of Public Information Laws.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would implore the reader to carefully consider the following, point by point and compare and contrast that to what is referred to as "Hickory Inc." here.

"The rich" coalesce into a social upper class that has developed institutions by which the children of its members are socialized into an upper-class worldview, and newly wealthy people are assimilated.

Members of this upper class control corporations, which have been the primary mechanisms for generating and holding wealth in the United States for upwards of 150 years now.

There exists a network of nonprofit organizations through which members of the upper class and hired corporate leaders not yet in the upper class shape policy debates in the United States.

Members of the upper class, with the help of their high-level employees in profit and nonprofit institutions, are able to dominate the federal government in Washington.

The rich, and corporate leaders, nonetheless claim to be relatively powerless.

Working people have less power than in many other democratic countries.

If you're reading this and your eyes have sufficiently widened, I'll fill in some more blanks. That list is from a book titled, "Who Rules America." It was first published in 1967 and no, that isn't a typo. Looking at the group currently in charge and how their lives entertwine with who the 'real' powerbrokers are in Hickory, it's almost like Hickory is the example upon which this book was written.

It wasn't but I hope your eyes are sufficiently opened and remain so.