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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Protesting is the American way.

I saw people are protesting Obama at overpasses with "Impeach Obama" signs. A couple of guys were arrested last weekend at an overpass in Missouri. They basically had their First Amendment rights impeded upon and the police said that it was a failure to obey orders. If the police are violating your Constitutional rights, and you are breaking no valid law, then you have every right to express yourself and anything they say or do is superseded by your Constitutional rights. If they order you to go jump off a building, you don't have to.

And by the same token I have seen people associated with the right of the Republican Party here in North Carolina getting beyond upset over the people on the left of the Democrat Party protesting through what they call "Moral Mondays" and thinking that government officials should forcibly put a stop to it.

The Moral Monday Protesters - Civitas - Database
Art Pope-funded group launches database targeting Moral Monday arrestees - Facing South

Protesting is the American way. I don't necessarily agree that these protests are effective, but I do believe in these people's right to protest. Expressing oneself about issues one is passionate about is a healthy exercise in Democracy. Freedom of expression is one of the founding principles of this nation and yet we see every side of the political spectrum, especially those in power, aiming to shut those that they disagree with down. We see people on the left wanting to see people on the right arrested and people on the right wanting to see people on the left arrested. Would you want to be arrested for lawfully protesting what you oppose?

We should be tolerant of one another and do more listening. In the above examples we see that this authoritarian desire to control others and suppress expression has become all to prevalent in our modern culture. In my opinion, the final outcome of shutting people down if those in power do not agree with them takes us to a very bad place.

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