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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rudy Wright throwin 'em under the bus -- You Next?

Another Recording from the Conover Crusader. Rudy calls out NC Senator Bob Rucho of Charlotte to the Catawba County Democrats. He says that Bob Rucho is pretty much "Persona Non Grata" in Raleigh.

How convenient and hilarious that the Mayor goes before the Catawba County Democrats and calls out Bob Rucho, a Republican, as being "Persona Non Grata" and essentially saying he is despised. I remember last year when he went before the Republican women's group and called out Hickory City Council member Sally Fox for being too liberal.

Throwin Senator Bob Rucho of Charlotte under the bus.

Throwin Sally Fox under the bus at the Catawba County Republican Women's Forum.

The day after I released the Referendum Debate at the Republican Women's luncheon presentation, I was asked to take it down, because a certain someone went to the head of the Republican party and said that Republicans don't do this to Republicans. Last time I looked, Bob Rucho is a Republican.

This full debate was put back up after Joe Brannock and I continued to be hammered about our participation in the CEG and in the referendum battle. The Mayor says this is all supposed to be non-partisan when it is favorable for him to do so, but when people attempt to work in a non-partisan manner and build coalitions across Hickory, he casts aspersions and denigrates their efforts to truly unite the people of Hickory. He said as much when he said that Jody Inglefield was bringing partisan politics into the chamber and that he would do everything he could to make sure that Dr. Inglefield and his wife Rebecca didn't become Mayor. Last time I looked it isn't a co-mayorship and I don't see candidates battling it out with Donna Wright as this campaign moves forward.

Mayor Wright also makes his push for the 1% prepared food tax here saying it is not a regressive tax. I disagree and think it is a Pass The Buck tax and this tax has failed in most communities where it has been put to a vote of the people, because the average person is tired of being nickeled and dimed to death for political pet projects. This tax affects lower income people more, because fast food is a staple of their diets in the Underemployment Economy and food is a higher percentage of their incomes. The riots in Egypt were caused because food prices were negatively affecting poor people. I'm sure you all have been grocery shopping lately. There are a multitude of reasons this tax is bad and the Conover Crusader points to some issues I had not even thought of.

Thanks for the jumper.

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