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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Union? Unity? - Really? - Reality

I saw the PAC that was formed by the Duke of Grace Chapel Carlton Huffman and was saddened to see Nancy Willingham is still mad that I supported Brad Lail over her back in 2007. It wasn't a personal thing. I just felt he was the better candidate at the time and I have known him most of my life. Brad probably isn't too happy with me these days either, since he knows that I know that it was his family that were the most significant contributors to bringing Rudy Wright to office back in 2001.

Then there is George Moretz, he is the person who Rudy ran to when I put the debate up from the Republican Women's luncheon last year. All I was trying to do was let the people of this community hear the opposing points of view about the issues concerning the referendum. I didn't hide the microphone. Rudy just wasn't paying attention and he hasn't been anywhere that I haven't recorded something, I honestly don't understand why he wouldn't have thought I was recording. It wasn't as if it was a Knight's of the Round Table meeting or something. What is all the hush-hush secrecy all about? I think it is that Rudy isn't comfortable with give and take.

While George Moretz was the Chairman of the Republican Party his precinct in Hickory, Oakland Heights, could not find a precinct chair. He has money and he'll throw it around and that works to a great extent, but he can't move a party forward. George is obviously a lot better at spending money destroying things than building things. We obviously can't go toe-to-toe with the Company owners of the Company Town. Funny thing is that the Catawba County Republican Party had more money in the bank before he took the chairmanship than after. This is a party that has twice the constituency the Democrats have here in Catawba County.

Back in 2004, he spent around $2 million to come in fourth (out of four) in the Congressional Republican Primary race. Not only that, but he was such a sore loser that he aimed to take down Sheriff David Huffman and was obviously successful in the run-off. That is the type of unity that George Moretz aspires to. He took down our Catawba County Representative and we haven't had a representative in the U.S. House since. And now the entire county's congressional representation is divided -- probably permanently. Now that's effective leadership....

Josh Shampo has obviously been given the floor by John Miller of the Hickory Daily Record on their Editorial page to attack Dr. Inglefield over national issues. Josh has made it personal. People that personally know Jody are laughing at the mischaracterizations, but realize it is effective with those who don't know Jody. Josh is pretty young and I was probably a lot like that when I was his age too. He'll learn about picking and choosing the bridges you burn.  Carlton has sent the young man out to do his bidding for him. Carlton being up in Washington DC these days needs the surrogate. We'll see if Josh gets the paycheck from this Union PAC like Carlton and Eddie Jolly did last year from the Backward's coalition.

Speaking of Eddie Jolly, he was in the paper twice the other day. On page three he was listed as a Caldwell County resident when standing on the bridge with the Impeach Obama sign on the 321 Granite Falls overpass and was listed as a Hickory resident on the editorial page (page four) where he was disparaging Dr. Jody Inglefield over National Democrat Party issues.

Let's remember that this is the same Eddie Jolly who was forced to shut down his Granite Falls pirate radio station back in 2009 by the Federal Communications Commission, because he did not and would not pay a licensing fee to operate over the public airwaves. He was set to be fined thousands of dollars when he was forced to resign himself to the fate of the law being the law. The law didn't mean much until it was going to hit his wallet.

These are the people who want to talk about people coming together and working towards the common good, but they are the ones that labeled the CEG with the ACORN label last year. They are the ones that don't want people to have the facts or to talk about the issues that truly affect Hickory. And they don't mind lying like they have when they have said Dr. Inglefield wants a $5 million swimming pool or that Dr. Inglefield said that Zahra Baker would still be alive if there was a swimming pool. These are blatant lies that people who truly seek "Unity" would not be spreading.

I have seen my friend Joe Brannock disparaged in much the same manner. Disparaged because he had the audacity to call some city council members out for the insider games that have been going on in Hickory for years. The bullying and abuse towards citizens that dare to stand up to the machine will likely carry on, because those who could stop it don't seem to care and/or endorse it.

Joe Brannock has paid a price for standing up to the machine. It has cost him employment. It has affected his personal life. I have also paid a price. People say they are your friend, but they never seem to have your back when it counts. All because we truly care about this community where we were born and raised and we reach out to people of all walks of life. We are labeled trouble makers for questioning authority and the local political machine. We aren't trying to tear anything down. We are only asking for what the public is entitled to!

We aren't opportunists. We aren't seeking to take advantage of people or situations for ourselves. Joe and I aren't making the bucks and Dr. Inglefield doesn't even have to be involved -- his practice is one of the most successful in the Southeastern U.S. He kicks plenty of money into everything that is Hickory. We aren't selfish. We are seeking to open the doors for opportunity for all in this community. Those were the principles that this nation was founded upon. We are transparent. We seek liberty and freedom.

You ask anyone who has met any of us and not a one will say anything bad about our personal beings. I think that most would label us as good mannered, educated, knowledgeable gentleman.  Speaking for myself, please question my integrity and I will prove it.

Finally, my predictions for who the Union PAC will support.... Drum Roll Please... It's the only thing transparent about these people... Rudy Wright, David Zagaroli, and Hank Guess... but you knew that anyway.

1 comment:

SMJohnson said...

You could have demonstrated some integrity within this post by dropping the childish use of the pejorative term "Democrat Party." Thanks.