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Friday, September 27, 2013

10 Questions with Crystal Killian - Candidate Ward 4 2013 Hickory City Council Election

Crystal Killian is a Candidate in the upcoming 4th Ward City Council race. First she will face an October 8th primary against incumbent Hank Guess and challenger Anetia Wright. If she succeeds in being one of the top two vote getters, then she will move on to the November 5th at large election. The questions posed to her are available for all candidates to answer. I have agreed to post them without critique and there will be no critical comments allowed in this article. There will be a "Candidates" Hickory Municipal Elections tab to the Right of this article. It will show anything related top these candidates as we move forward in this process.

1) Can you give us some background and a history of yourself? (Where were you born? What is your educational background? Why did you come to or stay in Hickory? Tell us about your professional accomplishments.)

I was born in Hickory NC and I have always lived in Hickory despite the constant urge to move to the coast. I am a Registered Nurse for Catawba County Home Health. I am certified in Medical-Surgical Nursing, since 2009. I am working on a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing with plans to obtain my Master’s in Physician Assistant.

2)Tell us about the accomplishments you are proudest of achieving in your life? Something besides having a family or raising children. We all recognize that those are common goals that we all aspire to. What’s the most exciting thing you saw/did/experienced/were a part of in your personal life? In your professional life?

My proudest accomplishment is raising a respectful, bright, and intelligent son in today’s world. I know that you state in the question, something besides raising a child, but as a single mother of an African American Son in 2013, when so many of them are being killed over appearances and gestures, the fact that I have gotten him this far is nothing short of a miracle.

3) If I were to ask people that know you to describe you what would they say?

They would say I am a hard worker who goes for what she wants! They would also say I am very intelligent, knowing random medical information is a gift.

4) How much bearing do the opinions of the people around you have on your decisions?

They do not have any bearing on my decisions. I have to live this life and they have to live theirs. If they want to come and live my life for a day, they are more than welcomed. Then and only then, will I allow their “assumptions” to influence me.

5) Can you tell us of a professional mistake that you have made that may have had an impact on who you are today? Does it still bother you? Can you share with us how you came to grips with that error

I don’t feel that I have made any professional mistakes. They felt like mistakes then, but as everything has evolved, they were the best for me. I worked at CVMC for 10 years. When I decided to leave it was a hard decision and I also thought after I left, I should’ve stayed there. But 4 years later, it was the best decision that I have ever made.

6) If you were given enough money to tackle one project (think nearly unlimited) that you felt was important to the Hickory Area, what would that issue be?

Nearly Unlimited: I would set up educational workshops in every neighborhood first and foremost. These workshops would train people, close to home, to perform needed jobs and acquire new skills.

7) Let’s say there is no money available for the foreseeable future. What one project (priority) would you push as part of your agenda that can be done with little or no money

Neighborhood Farmers Markets!!! Allowing the citizens to use benefits: SNAP and WIC Vouchers, to purchase fresh fruits and Vegetables.

8) What is your overall philosophy of the development of this area? Where would you like to see us in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

I feel that the development of this area is stagnant!! In 5-20 years I would like to see the larger “big box buildings” revitalized and businesses moving into them offering employment. I would also like to see all areas of Hickory looking healthy, no matter which way you enter the City Limits, there’s growth and liveliness everywhere, be it 127S or 321S or 127N or 321N.

9) If you could define your Personal Legacy what would you like it to be? What would you like to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered for my kindness and caring personality. Never turning a blind eye to those in need and always giving to those who are in need. I don’t have a lot to give, but what I have I gladly share with all.

10) How do you define Leadership?

I define leadership as someone who is able to make the hard decisions, realizing that some will be affected in a negative way. Leadership consists of a willingness to listen and respect others opinions, and having the knowledge to act responsibly in the best interest of all involved.

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