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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hickory Mayor Forum - Democrat Monthly Dinner - September 9, 2013

Monday night, the Catawba County Democrat Party hosted a mayoral forum during its monthly dinner at Bob Evan's Restaurant. All six candidates were invited, but Mayor Rudy Wright opted not to attend citing it as a "Partisan" meeting.

Candice Harold, Terry Revels, Jeff Brittain, Ernie Masche, and Dr. Jody Inglefield first addressed their platform issues and then answered questions from the attendees about jobs for young people, transparency, and how they will remain active after the election.

All of these candidates made excellent presentations. In watching this forum, one can see that these candidates are basically on the same page. Five people are running against the current three-term incumbent, because they see that Hickory faces some tough issues and the Status Quo has no answers. If everything were peachy, then we wouldn't see five people running against the Status Quo, would we?

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