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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Grassy Knoll on Union Square

One year ago yesterday marks the first anniversary where I was invited to City Hall to look at the documents related to the "Sails on the Square" project. Despite to this day not having all of the answers (Fabric Costs and Bidding), new questions have arisen over the "Sails" project. This came about not through my own investigation, but that of a third party. I have been reluctant to link to this site before, because it is a parody site that has taken great liberties with language and description in a manner that may turn many people off. But, the information provided today in the most recent article shows something else awry with the documents as presented as factual by Hickory Incorporated.

What the documents show, in six different receipts, is that 4,750 sq feet of sod were purchased for the Sails on the Square project at a total cost of $1,262.50. In the total scope of the project that doesn't seem to be much, but where the questions arise is that 4,750 sq feet of grass is 3 times the total of the grassy area on Union Square. This just doesn't make sense. What is going on here and what about the information that is provided in this expense report can we trust?

 Kneel Before Sod - The Tumblr account devoted to Rudy Wright - September 11, 2013

One fact that the author has wrong is when he proposes the below:
Rebecca Inglefield went to jail over this stupid Sails on the Square construction expense report, which is freely available on the City of Hickory website so she should have just been cited for not knowing how to use the search button.

The expense report was not available online at the City Website until soon after Rebecca's arrest.

The City has kept receipts for the smallest of items used on the project - screws, saw blades, etc., -  but they still claim to be unable to provide any documentation related to the cost of the actual fabric the "Sails" are made of. The City claims that no documentation even exists. How can that be? How could the company know how to fill the order, if there was no documentation? Did the material just miraculously appear in the hangar at the airport where the Sails were constructed? There had to at least have been a shipping label when the material arrived in it's crates, I presume?

Below are pictures of the actual receipts from the actual file that was dumped upon Rebecca that day. Please question us. Please look into this yourselves.

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