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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time to catch up - 9/25/2013

This post is for you who may be late to the party. I officially brought the Hickory Hound to the public five years ago this month. It has ebbed and flowed, but continuously built momentum over that time. Although this blog has had a loyal following over that span, the last year has greatly expanded the numbers of those who come here frequently.

There are some links and articles that I would like to point to that will help you catch up with where we are today. You will see that although I don't get everything right, there is a history of pointing the community to the trends that we are currently facing today. I don't get this all from on high. I get this from reading, researching, having conversations with a diverse group of people and then attemting to put the puzzle together in an understandable fashion to present to the public.

So, for those of you who don't have a full background of what this site is all about, here you go.

The following is an annual round of where we have stood at the given point in time:
The State of Hickory, North Carolina 2009
The State of Hickory - January 2010
The State Of Hickory 2011
The State Of Hickory 2012
The State of Hickory 2013

Two series of articles that studied Hickory Problems and Solutions:
(The first two have been in the upper right hand corner for 4 years):
Hickory - The Fixing Hickory Series
Hickory - Time to put the Puzzle together
References to where we are today - 9/13/2012

Take your time, but I hope you will go and read these. I encourage you to bookmark this and just read one of these per day. You will understand what all of this is about if you do so. And if you have questions or comments feel free to send them to me.

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