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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Alert: Exploitation Well Crafted! and Rudy Wright

 Update (6:45pm  - 10/9/2013): Can you imagine how you would feel if  someone were to exploit your elderly parent for personal gain? We all can because we've all dealt with issues of a loved ones being in a vulnerable state whether mental or physical or both at some time in our lives. Rudy Wright has mentioned frequently about his mother's last years and dealing with Alzheimer's and yet he still willfully went through with his scheme to exploit the former Congressman purely for personal political gain.

Update 2 (7:35pm - 10/9/2013): I just heard a voicemail this evening that was left by Congressman Ballenger's wife that described the exploitation of the former Congressman by Mayor Wright as "Despicable". 

Rudy Wright as seen in a picture in this mornings Hickory Daily Record (10/9/2013) with our Former Congressman Cass Ballenger in a photo-op stunt. I was sent a message that his family is vurry, vurry, (I cain't emphasize enough) vurry-vurry upset about this.

If they had known about this, the family would have never allowed it. The Assisted Living Center the Congressman resides in should have known better, the Hickory Daily Record should have known better, if someone set this up they should have known better, and MOST of all Rudy Wright should have known better. Given the inappropriate action and the family's feelings towards this, when can we expect the vurry appropriate public apology.

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Rudy is trying to whip up Republican support as he runs against a Democrat. Rudy pushes the non-partisan angle in public, but pretends to be an ultra-conservative when he feels it benefits him. Remember this is the guy that promises to raise your taxes and spend money on beautification.

Rudy wants to call people out when he disagrees about a sign that is up for interpretation, but Rudy exploiting an 86 year old dementia patient for political purposes is fine????

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