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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ernie Masche told me last night he did not endorse Rudy Wright

Ernie told me last night that he was saying that he would work with Rudy Wright should he be reelected, but in no way should what he said be constituted as an endorsement. He said he wasn't telling anyone how they should vote and I have seen what the Rudy Crew put out. Everyone understands that Terry Revels endorsement is about National Identity Party politics. And if Terry thinks that is relevant, then they can have each other.

But with Ernie which is it? Who is playing fast and loose with the truth?

Ernie told me last week that he endorsed change. He told me that four more years of Rudy Wright would be disastrous, because of the divisiveness that surrounds Rudy. Ernie laughed when Rudy talked about Hickory's economy turning the corner at the Highland debate and fumed four nights later when Rudy talked about the local economy needing a jumpstart, he asked which is it?

The message that Rudy's crew put out certainly doesn't jibe with the Ernie Masche we all met during the primary campaign. The letter of endorsement put out by Rudy's crew would make Ernie's campaign seem completely disingenuous.

Let's hope that isn't the case.

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