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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Inglefield for Mayor - On to the General Election

Dr. Jody Inglefield is one of the final two candidates in this years Hickory City Mayoral Election. He is taking on three term incumbent Mayor Rudy Wright. Early voting starts October 17 and the official election day will be Tuesday, November 5.

In this mornings newspaper, a lady stated that Dr. Inglefield does not have a platform. Dr. Inglefield has had a platform for months. It was officially unveiled on August 31, 2013 on the Hickory Hound and is also available on his personal Mayoral website. It is not Dr. Inglefield's fault that the local paper isn't devoting time to these elections. We all feel for those who don't have internet access and rely on a newspaper that seems apathetic towards the issues that truly face our community.

The Complete "Platform for a 21st Century Hickory"

Mayor for Everyone -

10 questions with Dr. Joseph Inglefield - Candidate NC 42nd District Senate Seat 2012 - Candidate for Hickory Mayor 2013

Why should you vote for Jody Inglefield? Jody Inglefield wants to be a Mayor for Everyone!
Hickory needs honest, open government with diverse citizen input. We must have leaders who listen to and care about everyone in Hickory. Term limits for all city council members will bring fresh ideas and break ties to special interests. Community Health and Wellness depends on access to Parks and Recreational programming. We have ignored this fact in Hickory for far too long. Families that can play and exercise together will stay here. Maintenance of what we have is vital to keep the city an attraction to future employers and the creative class. We cannot ignore our ranking in national Gallup polls or blame others, but need to lead the charge to respond and to improve our rankings. Gallup ranks us the 5th most miserable metro area in the USA. We need to strengthen and support public education at all levels and follow the recommendations of Champions Of Education through collaboration with local community colleges, high schools and businesses. We need to keep the music going downtown and all over Hickory! We need to continue to invest in the Arts, Sciences and other cultural gems of Hickory.

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