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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pat Bowman - Citizens for Equity in Government hasn’t endorsed

On several occasions, certain spokespersons from the Hickory United PAC have written falsely about so-called CEG-endorsed can­didates for mayor and city council. Last year, Citizens for Equity in Government did lead a conserva­tive, smaller government initiative to give citizens in their wards a more representative voice in city government.

While that referendum narrowly failed at the polls by 140 votes, the CEG continues to advocate for more transparency and broader repre­sentation in city government. Like almost every candidate for mayor and several for city council, the CEG wants to institute term limits and to have the council meetings broad­casted on the Charter public access channel.

But unlike the PAC, Citizens for Equity in Government has not publicly endorsed any candidate for mayor or council. While CEG may endorse candidates in the future, at this time we remain a grassroots, citizen’s coalition focused on issues affecting good governance.

We invite others to join with us for a better, more inclusive Hickory.


The Hound - Pat is an integral member of the Citizens for Equity in Government. There are plenty of misnomers in relation to the CEG that have been been expressed by Hickory United Political Action Committee, its previous iteration "the No Steps Backwards Coalition", and the area's entrenched officials and their close support staff and hatchetmen who have been behind all of this. They never say Citizens for Equity in Government, because they don't want to talk about the CEG's mission.  They hiss out CEG when they say it. Let me ask. Who represents the average citizen in this community?

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