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Friday, October 4, 2013

Through the Looking Glass - See You Tonight

2013 Hickory City Elections - The Candidates < Link to everything about the candidates that have been willing to interact with the Hickory Hound.

Lenoir-Rhyne to Host Hickory City Mayoral Debate Details
Tonight's forum at Lenoir-Rhyne will be the most real discussion about political issues in our lifetime. You can take away the controlled pageantry of Hickory Inc. functions. It will be refreshing to see a level playing field and an open discussion about the policies that shape our future.  Questions are finally going to formally be asked in a public setting.  Let's get down to the raw truth. Who is going to stand up for the people of Hickory? Who has Hickory's best interests at heart?

Lenoir-Rhyne Mayoral Debate
October 4, 2013
PE Monroe Auditorium

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