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Friday, November 8, 2013

Election numbers

OK, so the stats from the election are above. The maximum number of votes were in the Mayoral election. We can assume that there were about 4,774 people that voted in this election. Maybe there were a few more votes, because people might not have voted in the Mayoral race, but I doubt it.

It is obvious to see that there are many people who are uncomfortable sticking their noses into other wards elections. Based on the maximum vote count, in Ward 4 291 people didn't vote, in Ward 5 463 people didn't vote, and in Ward 6 974 people did not vote.

Dr. Inglefield did a poll back in August and the poll was pretty much dead on for both the primary and the general. In round numbers, the primary numbers showed Mayor Wright at 45%, Dr. Inglefield at 26%, Ernie Masche was right at 10%, and Terry Revels at the time was the highest of the others.

I personally feel that Ernie Masche's numbers were climbing somewhat until the HDR ran the article showing his voting record, but I don't think he was going to climb up to challenge. Ernie was in a race with the Mayor. The percentage that he was taking away from the Mayor, I guesstimate was around 10%. So Ernie could have gotten to 20%. That number would have pulled the mayor down to 35% in the primary.

Dr. Inglefield's poll also showed the Mayoral race right around 56% to 44% and that is where it ended up. I'll see if Dr. Inglefield will allow me to show that poll to the public. But, the election ended up pretty much right where it started. As I said earlier, the Status Quo has eroding support. Dr. Inglefield got less than one-third of the vote in his Senate race against Austin Allran and he got 44%+ of the vote here.

Dr. Inglefield was up against it because he was painted as the Liberal Democrat and people around here pretty much vote according to Politically Ideological labels. It doesn't matter about policy or what you truly represent. The local media did what they always do and that is quite a shame.

As elections move forward, the internet is going to play a more prominent role. People caught on that there was information available through alternative means out there. When one looks at the primary, they see that Jeff Brittain came up in the rankings. In Dr. Inglefield's poll he was less than 5% and he climbed up almost double that in the primary. Candace Harold also climbed and I feel that was due to her getting out and meeting people and also what she said in the debates. But, currently the elections are dominated by the voting of the older demographic in this community and they don't get their local news from the internet.

It was a very interesting election for everyone except those fighting tooth and nail to maintain the status quo. Everything played out pretty much as it should under the current electoral circumstances in the community. We don't know much about what the Incumbents stand for, but we are 99% certain they are going to raise your taxes. Lot of valuable lessons to be learned here. Some will learn and others.... ehh, they already know everything anyway ;).

1 comment:

wandaarnold1716 said...

I would be interested in seeing the breakdown in the general election by wards, especially Ward 4. We can see the final tallies above, but where did the votes comes from? Did anybody in the other5 wards vote for Anetia Wright? If so, how many?

I think the idea of simply not voting in wards where you don't live is self-defeating for those who don't agree with the current modified ward system. Wouldn't it be better to note who the citizens of Ward 4 really want to represent them and then vote for that person?