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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Electoral Reality of Ward 4 in Hickory

First of all I received a call from a Reporter from the HDR. I have already told the Mayor and dozens of others, I have nothing to do with the Tumblr website dedicated to him. They can't seem to understand that their "Leadership" is the reason why people are expressing themselves as opposition. They think they have a handful of people that are creating all of their problems. We have many computer savvy people in this community. Just because they can't operate a computer, don't take it out on people who can. Most people don't even know that site exists and all they are going to do is help promote it. Heck, many people still don't know this site exists, but every time these folks start whining my numbers grow and those numbers continue to grow once people come here and find out I'm not the pariah they try to make me out to be. I put my name on what I do. I do everything in my power to be credible. Don't like or agree with my information, then I encourage you to show me where I am wrong. 

Now, I have gone over the numbers from last weeks election. These numbers pretty much confirm what I suspected. Ward 4 voted for Anetia Wright in an overwhelming fashion. The rest of Hickory did pretty much what was to be expected. And our attempts to change the way that Hickory elects it's City Council still rest upon the solid foundation of concern it was built upon.The referendum has been justified and validated by these results.

Have a look for yourself. 

Let's look at the percentages

Who does Hank Guess represent???
Who will Hank Guess represent???
Who represents Ward 4???

Below is the spreadsheet of the numbers.

HVT = Highest Vote Total of precinct in all elections. No votes are people who chose not to vote in a specific election. Thus, 296 people chose not to vote in this election, which was 7.39% of all ballots cast in this election.


talferris said...

The picture of Hank that appeared in the November 6 edition of the HDR tells the story better than any words could. It shows Hank campaigning at the Falling Creek precinct. It shows him soliciting votes from a populace he won't represent but yet, it is they who elected him.

And yet again, the people of Ward 4 are being represented by a person not of their choosing. I wonder how long the current system of selection would continue if that were the case in the other wards?

Sitting back the past few weeks, I've marveled at how those that already have control over everything whine about being disparaged by a parody website and this one simply on the basis of using a name. If their conscience wasn't hurting them, they would view it as mimickery being the ultimate form of flattery. I guess their whining tells us what is truly bothering them; guilt about the truth being told for once.

wandaarnold1716 said...

Thom, I have read in Billy Sudderth's letter in the HDR today that "This is the fourth time in 15 years the clear winner of a Ward primary race went on to lose the general election." I am aware of the 2013 election and the 2009 election when Hank Guess won over Ward 4 primary winners. What are the details of the other two times? Thanks.

wandaarnold1716 said...

I am looking at the comment above from talferris. He had some interesting things to add, but it was only by coincidence that I happened to read it. Isn't there some way to let readers on your site know when a comment has been posted, so that they could go back to a previous article and read it? Perhaps in the sidebar somehow. This is the only way to have any kind of conversation among readers.

James Thomas Shell said...

4 years ago Z Anne Hoyle won the primary and lost the at-large. Two previous times, Larry Pope won the primary against Z Anne Hoyle and lost the at-large.

Go to the mayor race spreadsheet and look at where the highest vote totals are coming from. These block votes are deciding who represents all of the areas of Hickory. As you see here, Anetia Wright had won 77% of the vote of Ward 4 in the general and yet Hank is their representative. Who do you think he is going to represent?

So no one is going to look out for Ward 4's interests.

James Thomas Shell said...

I will see if there is an app that allows new comments to show.