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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Genie is out of the bottle

I have read the ridiculousness about how I and others in this community hate Hickory. Apparently there are over 2,100 people in Hickory that made the statement last week that they hate Hickory, if you listen to the Status Quo.

As I have already stated and others have stated, last week was an encouraging election. In the past, those with favored status walk away with 65%+ of the vote. Last week, the figure head of the status quo won, but struggled with barely 55% of the vote. This win came against a person who was basically labeled as a Communist.

There have been whisper campaigns going on in this community for years. Lies and innuendo are standard operating procedure and plausible dependability is the fall back. Fear is the energy these people feed off of.

All I have done... All we have done is shine a light on practices that we feel have had a negative effect on this community. If we hated this community and didn't give a darn about this community, then why would we be trying to get it on solid ground.

Like I have said, we are gaining ground and we are encouraged. We continue on with the mission. Last week was an opportunity to make a difference and we tried and to a certain degree we failed. Remember what they say about winners never quitting.

The only people who really lost last week were the majority of people in Hickory. We have not created, brought forward, or caused the bitterness in this community. The Status Quoers want to trash Dr. Inglefield when he has invested more money and paid more taxes in this community than the great majority of them as individuals. Have you ever read about any of the Inglefield's benevolent gestures? Have you ever heard them brag about all they do in this community? And many of those organizations they invested in worked against their interests over the last several months.

Ask people that know me if I am the rude, crude, and obnoxious person that some want to paint me as. I was brought up to be a gentleman, to have manners, and to help others when I can... and that is what I do. That is what my friends do. We want to move this community forward.

Do you know what the difference is between the wealthy and the poor in this community???... Money.

It certainly isn't class.... I have seen as many rich people who have displayed a lack of class as poor people. It certainly isn't education or intelligence.... I have seen as many rich people who have displayed a lack of education and intelligence as poor people in this community.  It certainly isn't work effort. I have seen as many lazy rich people as lazy poor people in this community. I have seen as many rich people sidle up to the government trough as I have poor people.

Isn't it time that some of the people in this community display their appreciation for their good fortune in life? You can't take it with you when you leave God's Green Earth. I just can't for the life of me figure out what the deal is with all the greed we see in society today.

I have looked back to what I have written over the past five years. The information on this site is not compartmentalized like so many other resources. I am not interested in creating a brand. That never lasts and that is the reason why those who attempt to keep having to do it over and over and over again.

The real story of this community will come from its DNA. And your DNA are the ingredients that make up your being, as in an individual or as a unit such as a community. We need better ingredients in this community. That does not come from inanimate objects. That comes from people. Marketplaces are not infrastructure or buildings. Marketplaces are people. You ever seen those ghost cities in China? Plenty of buildings... plenty of busy work... no people.... therefore no marketplace.

Until we begin heavily investing in the people of the community, all of the people in the community, then anything we do is going to fall flat on its @**.  And that isn't all about money...

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