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Monday, November 4, 2013


Below is the new flag of Status Quo Hickory.

A friend called and said that Rudy Wright is out there telling people that Dr. Inglefield intends to raise your taxes and is lying about it when he has said time and time again he won't. Just plain old low IQ Hillbilly politics like we have seen so many times in this community.

You just can't do much with stupid, but if you know someone who has a brain ask them to think about these items.

1) Rudy is telling you point blank that he is going to raise your taxes. That means he IS going to raise your taxes. So who is going to raise your taxes?

2) Rudy says it's all about non-partisan politics until he feels threatened. I'll take a caring and compassionate Democrat any day over a pure PT Barnum politician. I used to would never vote for a Democrat, but that changed after I got to know more about Convenient Republicans. Do you automatically support someone just because they say they are a Republican?

3) He says that this election is all about beating him. Well, he is the Mayor isn't he? And the last 12 years have been fantastic, haven't they? Dr. Inglefield has espoused a platform of specific ideas. Rudy has talked about definite tax increases and hazy ideas about what the money will be spent on.

4) He says that the best and brightest serve on the Inspiring Spaces committee. I think by best and brightest he means that they have constantly contributed to his campaigns and other endeavors. Working Class people need not apply. Can people not serve without money being involved?

5) He says he is the most accessible Mayor in the U.S. Please Quantify? What does this mean? They never will. Just because someone can talk to you does not mean you are listening. Listening = money, apparently.

6) This election hinges on the oldest people in this community. Those with the least to lose. Those who have insisted that we keep spinning our wheels in the mud of the past. They won't be here to clean up the mess. Look around you. The economic picture of this community does not look rosy. It's time to get out and push the daggum car. What will it be like when the population decreases become noticeable? Have any of y'all thought about where we are headed?

7) It's getting ready to hit the fan folks and it could be economically really messy. Are you prepared?

But we keep moving forward.

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