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Friday, November 15, 2013

What a sad state of affairs Hickory

This morning's Hickory Daily Record... what a sad state of affairs. I wouldn't trust you know who as far as I could throw him. And y'all know that wouldn't be very far.

The other day I had three people send me a copy of a post on facebook where "He Who's Name Shall Not Be Spoken (HWNSNBS)" was saying that someone (he didn't express a name) who didn't even live in Hickory and blamed all of their life's problems on him was behind the Tumblr account, so I messaged him.

Would any of you like to see that correspondence? In which HWNSNBS says, "Who said I was talking about you?"

I do believe that the Tumblr account was over the top in the beginning, but the subject matter of late has been very relevant. He pointed to several issues, including money spent on sod for "the Sails" project that couldn't have possibly all been used for the Sails Project.  He showed where they have a $12,000 camera pointed at a mural on Union Square, but they say they can't afford to record and televise City Council meetings on the local public access channel. He points to several issues involving their little "Hickory United" Political Action Committee... And in general the guy has really toned down the profanity.

As far as the discriminating against Mormon Claims, it shows how far HWNSNBS will go to justify anything and everything that goes on at City Hall. In twelve years, he apparently believes he and Hickory Inc. haven't made a mistake yet. 

I pointed Mr. Tinkelenberg towards some very relevant topics, such as the misappropriation of parking fund money to build those "Sails". I pointed out that the past editor of the HDR had sat on the naming committee and that seemed like a Conflict of Interest to me. That to me seemed to slant the paper's opinion and reporting on that project.

Let's talk about that "Southern Desk" property over in west Hickory. You know, that building that was talked about a couple years ago. They seem to have forgotten all about that property. There has been a lot of crime that has ramped up over there. There was a woman attacked over there a couple weeks ago and left for dead. It was reported in the HDR. The guy that robbed the Mayor's wife lived a couple blocks from there. The person who robbed the Community One Bank last year. He lived a couple blocks from there. That is just naming a few of the many incidents in that vicinity. Why do I pay attention to this??? Because I have a family member that lives over there and I am sick and tired of seeing that area put on the backburner, because they aren't viewed as having any political clout. Hickory Inc. doesn't give a d*** about the people that live over there.

Let's talk about the $25,000 spent on Graffiti removal a few years ago where they said they would report back to the public and they never did.

This wouldn't even be in the paper if it wasn't about HWNSNBS's feelings. Is the goal to form a Posse against me? I feel sorry for those who have allowed themselves to be duped. Where are the priorities???  He's the guy who is going to get everyone to start pulling in the same direction?  This guy is the person who is going to lead us forward???

HWNSNBS thinks I'm behind all of this? I guess that simplifies things into something he can deal with. He needs to go sit in front of a mirror and reflect on life and get real.

Food for thought
"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." - Jimmy Dean

1 comment:

Harry Hipps said...

If you know anything about the internet, you should know that it is an open forum for all. It contains information, misinformation, intellectual, uplifting, factual stuff, vulgarity, pornography, misleading stuff and everything else under the sun. Anyone and everyone is free to put their content on it.

We also know that public figures have supporters and critics, whether it is a serious type of discussion or satirical, comedic, or even vulgar material. It happens to the President, Congress, governors and everyone else, so I fail to see why Mayor Wright's panties are in such a wad over this.

Frankly, he has done the tumblir site a favor by publicizing it. I had only seen the site once, quite a while ago, before this tiff by the Mayor. Thom told me about it a long time ago and he said then that he didn't know who did it. I believe him.

I believe the HDR and the mayor are irresponsible to publicly accuse Thom of running the site and smearing him with conjecture and innuendo. In my opinion, it smacks of paranoia and is starting to smack of McCarthyism. If you have any FACTS Mr. Mayor - PROVE IT.