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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Initial thoughts about last night's city council meeting

I will have the city council meeting up in a few hours. I was late to the meeting, so it will begin in progress. Truly, congrats to Sally on her years of service. We might not agree on some things, but I do believe you care about Hickory.

The interesting discussion from the night was about Inspiring Spaces. They are going to bring some recommendations forward at the next meeting; you know the meeting before Christmas.

The number 1 priority addressed is something that is already in the pipeline and is already already being paid for by a private interest and that is the Bob Lackey enhancement to Geitner Park. That will be a beautiful park and a great addition to the community and Mr. Lackey is 100% responsible for it. It would not be happening without him.

The number 2 priority addressed was the redefining of Downtown. I have told you and others have told you that Inspiring Spaces will be about spending money on Union Square. I like the idea of redefining downtown. I spoke about it 4 years ago.

Hickory must redefine concept of downtown - HDR Editorial - February 26, 2009

I don't like where my thoughts tell me the doublespeak will take us. I will point to where Andrea Surratt said that Inspiring Spaces wasn'r going to be about Downtown and we had already invested enough Downtown recently with "The Sails." I have the plays and I don't even have to steal their playbook.

The number 3 priority mentioned was splash pads. This was spoken of as "Aquatic Recreation". It was mentioned that they will be building four of these. Personally, I have had nothing against splashpads, but there needs to be a pool in the community and this should not be a substitute.

The number 4 priority addressed is the Main Ave corridor. They are looking to connect the L-R area with Union Square. This isn't a bad concept. They call this the Main Ave Linear Park. I thought that the 1st and 2nd ave SW corridor would and should be more of a priority.  This is another focus on Old Hickory.

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