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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Mayor of Realville

That is what I'm going to start calling myself, because that is where I reside and since there are people who want to point a finger of blame at me as some kind of leader of a movement, then go ahead.

Everything these days seems to be baked in propaganda. The Left blames the Right; the Right blames the Left. Most of the people surrounding me speak a different language than me. I don't know much about current TV Shows. I don't know much about the current IPhone. I know I can't afford one. I don't watch Fox news, CNN, or CNBC. I can't afford a monthly TV payment these days.  I haven't shopped in a mall in over a decade.

In my world you don't buy a new Volvo for your significant other for Christmas. In this world, the kisses don't begin with Kay. In my world, television would reflect a large portion of reality. It isn't worth my time watching something that is like a foreign language to me. How is it economical for these companies that advertise to target to such a small audience.

Edward Bernays was a nephew of Sigmund Freud and he is considered the father of Public Relations and Propoganda. He studied and understood the herd mentality of society and he was a genius at figuring out ways to manipulate the public.

Before Bernays, companies attempted to sell products based upon a need basis and/or upon a quality basis. Bernays figured out ways to change the corporate-consumer mentality to that of selling products based upon desire and eventually leveraging that by tying it to consumer debt. Translated: He is the person who was able to get people to go into debt to buy things they didn't really need.

Bernays also revolved in and out of the governmental and corporate world his entire adult life. He served and advised in the Wilson, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower administrations and was involved in all levels of government.

What modern American functionaries can't seem to grasp is that it is not necessary for every message put out by the government to ring out with extremes. What we need to see is the levelheadedness, consistency, and steadiness that come with Reality. The Manic-Depressive, A.D.D. state of the American populace creates its own worst enemy. That is the reason why on the Global Scale we are currently getting our lunch eaten.

Who are the elite in this country trying to impress? It is more than evident that they only care about impressing themselves. This cockiness we see does not emote self-confidence. It is more than apparent that it is a facade that hides an underlying lack of self-esteem. I learned long ago that materialism does not build a solid foundation for the Pursuit of Happiness.

Here in Realville, we don't care about impressing others. The only thing we ask for is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. When we get it, we give it. We don't care about how much money you have or who you work for. Here in Realville, everyone is welcomed, but you'll be checking your baggage at the door. Here in Realville, everyone is equal and everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the growth of the community of reality.

Please join in. All are welcome as we look to repel the tyrannical forces of Fantasyland that have pillaged and plundered truth and common sense. If others will join me, I will graciously accept term limits and look to move forward in running for Governor of Reallandia. Who knows maybe I will eventually become the President of the Republic of Realdom.

The reality of today is that it is up to US to move forward.

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