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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Midnight has struck for the UNC Board of Governors

Unfortunately the University of North Carolina Board of Governors have chosen not to take the bull by the horns and act on the transgressions at UNC-Chapel Hill, where sports rules over academics, and now all sorts of information is coming together about who did what and eventually we will know the origins of the Athletic-Academic fraud that has been going on there for years.

This has been embarrassing for a while now. The PTB hoped to keep a lid on this corruption by utilizing the web created to keep the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as the De Facto absolute dictator of political power in our State, but now we have a national event that is exposing the conflicts of interest that run rampant on many levels in North Carolina.

Not only is this taking a huge toll on the Academic Integrity of the Oldest University in our State Higher Educational System, when it all comes out it is going to expose the real state of politics and corruption in our government. For you who do not know, that is what happened with the Southern Methodist University Football scandal back in the 1980s, which led to what was called the "Death Penalty" for SMU football.
Report: Texas Governor Ordered Pay For Smu Players - United Press International - June 20, 1987

I have nothing to do with this information that is coming out, but since I am reading the source material as it comes forward, fast and furious, I will attempt to document it and help those providing the information to get it out to the public utilizing this little ole blog as one outlet.

What is clear is that there needs to be a thorough cleansing of the University of North Carolina System Board of Governors and the playing field needs to be leveled. There should be more equal representation amongst the 17 schools in the system. It defies logic to believe that the current Governors of the Higher Education system haven't known what was going on here. They could have reined this in long ago, but this is what you get with a stacked deck. They have been too busy worrying about the image of UNC-CH, the University overwhelmingly represented by the BoG, instead of getting to the root of these issues of corruption. It is obvious there has been a lot of "Don't ask.. Don't tell" going on here.

These transgressions are not broad based at all 17 campuses in the UNC system. These transgressions are rooted at Chapel Hill. It is clear that there has been a cover-up of these corrupt athletic schemes going on for years. It is clear that the mission of that place is out of whack.

Who is going to stand up and be the adult. The transgressors should not be allowed to make the decisions about the remedies. They have been allowed to manipulate the situation for far too long and they have always tilted everything in their favor. Only fools believe these people have been cooperative. It is time for the lessons to be learned here. Stop rewarding corruption.

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