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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Land of the Greed and the Home of the Slaves

The every man for themselves economy created has been fomented by the Merkin Oligarchy. Michael Douglas in the movie Wall Street said that "Greed is Good" and I swear to God that this is a Creed that many of the people at the top in this country have chosen to live by.

I guess if you're driving a luxury car, living in a luxury house, and have a detached white collar job with some security and decision making authority, then you think everything is hunky-dory and what is everyone complaining about. There are a lot of us out here that have been on a steady economic slide downwards with stagnant incomes and ever increasing expenses who are at the mercy of you white collar folks... and you folks never seem to suffer the consequences of your bad decisions like the rest of us do. If you think I'm lazy come say it to my face. If you think I've caused my problems, then please come say it to my face. Whomever you believe is not worthy, say it to their face. If you don't really want to know how I am, then don't ask.

I've still got to put together my State of Hickory 2014 and it has been hard to put together, because it isn't fun to talk about. My lone surviving grandparent had a stroke back in January and she isn't getting better. To be honest, I haven't gotten used to my other grandmother not being around, because she was basically my lifeline basically up until she died. My mother isn't in great shape and she has been helping my grandmother, which isn't easy on her... and no, we don't want anyone's help, because we know they want a ton of money. They basically want to take what little we have left.

I'm sick of it all to be frank and I've decided that besides work, I don't want much of anything to do with anyone in this community. I'll take care of my house, the best I can, and get by the best I can, but I expect every year from here on out to be worse than the last, not because I want it to be, but because of the way this place is. I have a cloud that hangs over me that makes me wonder at what point I lose everything.

I'm up here at 4am thinking about life. I'm not up because of some physical or mental disorder. I'm up because I can't get thoughts out of my mind -- all of the bad. And you will be happy to know that the stress exudes from my soul. How does someone who never wins and never gets what they want enjoy life?

We have people at the top of this community that want to tell us that our message isn't positive enough. I think we have too many sales people running this community. When they tell me this story about how great things are, they don't come off as convincing... they come off as full of it -- and I think the more vulgar term is more appropriate. I don't have confidence in these people. Sales people are only interested in selling things... making commissions... a quick fix... junkies. I'm not a junky - The Greed.

I want to see us build an economy here. I want to see some stability... security... ecosystem... progress... quality of life. I wish I could be a leader, a crusader, but this area doesn't create leaders. It chews those kinds of people up and spits them out. No one wants cutting edge, pioneer types of people here. Control freaks want people they can control, don't allow competition, and repress everything around them including themselves. If you step out, they will try to cage you. - The Slaves.

Personally, I'm going to tell it like I see it. If you don't like it, then go get blitzed or whatever you need to do to escape reality, because keeping it Real is the only thing helping me to survive at this point. So you have two options. Come cuss me out or leave me alone, because I'm not you. I'm me.


examiner said...

Morganton is a carbon copy of Hickory.

I was just thinking yesterday about the sales campaign the powers-that-be have to run. The Selfish Who Run This Place have two types of supporters:

those who directly benefit from the current structure and want to keep it that way,

then there are those who believe the sales pitch (the sheep). And come to think of it, I suppose it's possible for someone to be both groups at once.

Those who oppose the Selfish Who are in Charge and know the sales campaign is a bunch of bull are basically in three groups:
those who see it like it is and work, for awhile, to change it,

and those who have no hope of it ever changing and have given up - they stopped listening long ago,

and finally, those who never get involved in politics (don't even vote).

The sales campaign is necessary not only to pat themselves on the back, but also for economic growth -- they have to convince people this is a great place to live, prosper, raise a family. When the naysayers tell the truth, they say you're hurting economic growth. We need the whipped cream on stay on top of this dirt pie. Don't scrape it away.

talferris said...

And then you have Hickory City Council off on a junket to Charlotte.

Rudyism #6: "Hickory doesn't want to be LIKE Charlotte..."