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Monday, March 17, 2014

Fluoride in our water - HDR Editorial - Unedited - March 16, 2014

Below is a Letter to the Editor of the Hickory Daily Record that I submitted as a rebuttal to a local dentist's rebuttal of Wanda Arnold regarding fluoride in our Public Water System. This is only a controversial subject, because the dental industry in conjunction with government thought they knew what was best for society. Now they seem to be in too deep. I think this is an issue that needs further review and needs to be given more light, because there are communities across the United States that are moving away from fluoride in the public water supply.


I read Dr. Salil Bhende's rebuttal to Wanda Arnold about fluoride in our water system. I don't doubt that Dr. Bhende believes he has the public's best interest at heart, but there are many studies over the last several decades that argue that putting fluoride in the public water system is not good.

Some fluoride might be good for our teeth, though it depends on the type according to many studies. Calcium fluoride in minute amounts applied topically to your teeth has been shown to harden teeth, but that is not what is being put in our water supply.

What is being put in our water supply is sodium fluoride. By putting it in our water supply, we are ingesting it every time we eat, drink, and even when we bathe. Is this substance good for every cell in our body?

Fluoride is a highly toxic substance. Read your toothpaste label. It tells you that if more than used for brushing is swallowed, that you should contact the Center for Poison Control. If it poses no known health risks, as the good Doctor states, then why would a toothpaste label state this?

This toxic stuff is bioaccumulating in our bodies over our lifetime. Harvard studies have shown that fluoride is adversely affecting children; definitely causing fluorosis of teeth and likely contributing to neurodevelopmental disabilities, such as Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder . Who is monitoring the implementation of this chemical into our water supply? What about when fluoride mixes with other substances? What are the side effects?

Dr. Bhende's alphabet soup of organizations definitely have recommended putting this chemical in, thus medicating, our water supply. What I can't separate out is the fact from the propaganda.

What I do know is that I suffer from hypothyroidism. The Thyroid Gland is part of our Human Endocrine System. The Endocrine System is your engine of metabolism. Many studies have shown that fluoride negatively affects the Endocrine System. Studies also show that this public H20 chemical cocktail is leading to many other issues, such as brittle bones. I'm no Doctor, but in the end I am responsible for my body and health. That is a Sovereign Conservative principle.

If you want fluoride, then there are ways to properly use it. I don't want sodium fluoride forced on me through my tap water.

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