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Friday, June 6, 2014

20140603 - Hal Row 's First Talk - Budget, Inspiring Spaces, & Bond Referendum

The following are two interviews of Hickory City Officials on 1290 WHKYam Radio's First talk program with Hal Row. The  first part is a segment called "Get Hip to Hickory" and it occurs every Wednesday morning. Hal speaks to Dana Kaminske, who is Hickory Inc.'s Assistant Communications Director, about what occurred at the previous night's City Council meeting.

Ms. Kaminske talks about the 2014-15 budget and the rejected 2¢ property tax increase. She talks about the upcoming Bond Referendum and the Inspiring Spaces initiative.

The second part is from the second hour Of Hal's June 3rd program in which he speaks with City Manager Mick Berry and Assistant City Manager Andrea Surratt about the Inspiring Spaces initiative and the proposed upcoming Bond Referendum, which will take place in November.

WHKY does not archive these programs and make them available to the public, so I am putting this important public interview up under Fair Use guidelines.

Dana Kaminske

Mick Berry and Andrea Surratt

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